Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Le Bol de Riz 2014 in Morhange, France

Two years ago, I accompanied AN to the event, Le Bol de Riz in Morhange, France and I remembered having a really good time (click here). It's two years later and I thought I would share the same opportunity with MR, who unfortunately could not stay until the end. The event starts at 7:30PM and usually ends pretty early so we brought along our little girl, SO. Unfortunately, by 8:45PM, we were still looking at photos on a projector and listening to a boring lecture. People were groaning, the chefs were getting worried, and SO fell asleep. Ten minutes before the lecture ended, MR decided to go home with our little girl. I think most people wanted to do the same at this point, but I couldn't leave without my Bol de Riz / Bowl of Rice. I sensed that the chefs were worried, but the rice turned out even more delicious than the one two years ago!!!

Place of Event: Centre Socioculturel in Morhange, France

Le Bol de Riz - rice cooked in chicken broth with mixed vegetables.

After the meal, I looked around the items for sale. Like two years ago, the items are from Artisans du Monde, which promote 'commerce equitable' all over the world. My eyes immediately zoomed in the items from the Philippines.

Sables Citron - Mascobado. Not exactly Filipino cookies, but I guess because these were made with Mascobado / Muscovado sugar, they were considered Filipino.

Sucre Mascobado / Muscovado Sugar - I'm thinking Biko, Caramel Sauce, ......

I had some change left and the Noix d'Amazonie enrobed in Chocolate piqued my interest. I ate this all by myself on the way back home. Oopssss! :D


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