Thursday, March 6, 2014

SO's Kitchen: Mini-Brioche

My daughter, SO, is on her 2 week winter break. Lucky gal! We would have loved to take a short ski trip, but unfortunately her father and I really can't take time off work right now. But that's okay, I got it covered as I enrolled her at the centre aere / centre de loisirs close to our house for 1 week. She is on her fourth day and she is loving it! This week's theme is "Travelling the World" and each day they "discover and travel to a different country". Monday was the United States of America, Tuesday was France, Wednesday were the Caribbean Islands, Today is England, and tomorrow they will be in Ireland. She always comes home late afternoon excited to tell us what she learned and to show us what she did that day.

This afternoon, SO could not wait to proudly show what she made all by herself today. Turns out, she made a Mini-Brioche. I baked today, she said then added with a bright smile, just like Maman! I could not help but smile back.

Her Mini-Brioche turned out as good inside as it looked outside. Just look at how perfectly cooked it was. It was moist, airy, and buttery and we enjoyed it a lot (too bad it was a mini!!!). I'm gonna have to ask some tips from my 5 year old! ;p


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