Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sushis & Cie in Remilly, France

I wanted to like this place. I really did. An Asian / Japanese food place within 20 kilometers from where I live? It was the dream. Plus, the person who served us was super and really friendly. Unfortunately, the quality of the food left a lot to be desired and both MR and I were left unimpressed. I heard about Sushis & Cie from a friend who told me that a new Asian restaurant opened nearby. She and her husband ordered take-out for Valentine's and she said she loved it. I don't know if today was an off-day but considering that it was Saturday night, I hope they didn't disappoint a lot of clients like they did with us. I think it might take a miracle for us to order from them again.

There were a lot of choices offered and I tried to order a little of everything. On the menu, there were Makis, Sushis, Nems, Grilled Meat / Fish Sticks, Gyoza, Sauteed Noodles, and Desserts.

What we ordered (the lady prepared an assortment of each):

Menu Degustation- 20 Euros
(3 Makis, 3 Sushis, 6 Brochettes, 6 Sashimis, 1 Nouilles sautees au Poulet, 3 Nems Crevettes, et 1 bol de riz ou 1 soupe Miso)

3 Makis - Crevette / Curry, Avocat / Fromage Frais, Saumon / Avocat
                (Shrimp / Curry, Avocado / Fresh White Cheese, Salmon / Avocado)
3 Sushis - Crevette, Salmon, Thon (Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna)
6 Sashimi - Saumon, Thon (Salmon, Tuna)

2 Sushi Magret de Canard - Duck Breast (2,90 Euros / 2 pieces)

Sadly, we didn't like anything. The sushi rice wasn't good. The flavors were not authentic (Avocat / Fromage Frais?!?) and I didn't think it went well together. Overall, it lacked flavors and even the Sushi Magret de Canard lacked something. But the worst were the Sashimis. They were sliced thickly, tough, and didn't taste good, especially the tuna. And finally, the dipping sauce was awfully sweet. Do you remember I mentioned eating really good Sushi a couple of weeks ago in Metz, France? Click here for the post. You could not compare the two together.

Crevettes Sauce Soja (3,30 Euros) - This was alright.

Poulet Sauce Sate - the worst!!! I think this should undergo some serious revision, as the ingredients and flavors somehow didn't mash up well together. Plus, it tasted off - sour, almost like it was starting to go bad. We didn't even finish this, honestly. If there wasn't 20 kilometers separating us, I would have definitely returned this.

3 Crevettes Nems
2 Crevette Tempura - good

2 Boeuf Fromage
2 Poulet Teriyaki - this was the highlight of our meal. There were herbs added to the chicken, it was marinaded, and grilled just right. It was moist and had lots of flavor!

Sadly, even the white steam rice was off. It was way too sweet!!!

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  1. This is actually Indian, it is called 'jelebi' in Hindi. Probably has it's origin from Middle East, that I am not quite sure.

  2. Dinner at Six ThirtyMarch 11, 2014 at 3:29 AM

    Thanks!!! I'm browsing through the internet right now and it definitely is Jelebi. Thanks for the info again!!!

  3. Dinner at Six ThirtyMarch 11, 2014 at 3:45 AM

    Sometimes in life, it's better to stay back, take a break, and wait as the pieces go back together again. The obstacles can be overwhelming, but life is too beautiful to give up.

    God bless you too! Take care.


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