Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Foire de Printemps 2014 in Morhange, France

The town of Morhange holds a weekly market every Wednesday (click here). When it's the first of the month, it is smack right in the center of town (roads are blocked all morning), but when it's on the other 3 Wednesdays of the month, it is held on the parking lot of the Match Supermarket. Last week, I was told that the town was going to celebrate La Foire du Printemps this Wednesday and although it wasn't the first Wednesday of the month, it was held in the center of town because there were more stalls and things for sale. I made sure MR and I would take a stroll through it before going to work.

There was a variety of stalls present:

Toys and Household Items

Bed Mattress

Adult Clothes

Personalized Children Room Decors

Watches - all for 5 Euros 

Herbs for Cooking

Herbs, Plants, and Flowers

Live Poultry

Fresh Fish and Seafood 

Homemade Local Specialties

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Vegetables

Roast Chicken

Middle Eastern Vegetarian Crepes

Olives, Olives, Olives

MR and I were both working the afternoon shift later so I thought I'd pick up some stuff for lunch. I ended up buying way more than we could eat!

Paella - 5 Euros
It was bland and almost watery. The only positive point was that the seafood was cooked perfectly (I find that they usually are way overcooked in Paella).

Middle Eastern Vegetarian Crepes - 2 Euros each

Roasted Chicken ad Potatoes - 5,50 Euros


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