Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kermesse de Printemps 2014 in Morhange, France

We're big supporters of local events. The way we see it is that we don't have to go very far for a change of environment and enjoy our time together. After all, it is more about the company than the place. Well, that's just the way I think. Plus, I figure that if no one shows up to these local events, then no one will have the motivation to organize them anymore! So as soon as I got word about Morhange's first ever Kermesse de Printemps event, I asked MR and SO if they were up for it. As you can probably guess, they didn't need much convincing. I also mentioned this event to our friends and families and I was pleasantly surprised to see them attending the event as well!

So we arrived at about 1:00PM (mass took longer than usual!) on the site of La Mutche in Morhange, unbelievably hungry, and saw the long line at the Snack Bar. After a while, I realized that it took them about 8 minutes to prepare each person's order. We were last in line and after a quick mental calculation, I realized I didn't have anymore time wasting waiting in line.

Thankfully, the table on the right also served items for lunch and look - no line!!!!

MR ordered the ordinary Doner Kebab Sandwich.

I ordered the Brochette Sandwich. It's pretty much exactly like the Doner Kebab, except for the meat. Brochette is made from grilled skewered meat.

We grabbed our sandwiches and sat down in the outdoor eating area. Although it was sunny, it was also pretty windy!

We sat in front of the stage, wondering what today's activities would be.

Because we arrived late, SO wasn't able to register for the Egg Hunt. So instead, we made our way to the Face Painting area. SO waited patiently for her turn to have a cute little rabbit painted on her cute little face.

A mini animal area was set-up for the little kids to look at. SO was mildly interested.

But that's just because she was excited to have a go at La Peche des Canards / Duck Fishing. And of course, choosing her reward afterwards.

Then, we saw that there was an activity taking place on the field.

Turns out it was a friendly soccer match and we made sure to get the best seats!

But even if we were under the sun, I kinda felt cold and decided to look around for something to warm me up. I got myself a cup of Authentic Turkish Hot Tea.

There were even several Turkish desserts.

We explored some more and found the Kermesse games set up by the events organizer. These were free, by the way, and we had a lot of fun playing!

There were also stalls for artisans to sell their products.

But after a while, SO asked if she could ride her new bike, so we went to the other side of La Mutche, where she could ride her bike freely.

While she did that, I enjoyed picking up these Spring babies and blowing it in the air! At 28, I am still pretty much a kid-at-heart!

And MR looked up the pretty sky, admiring the blue sky and the clouds above us.

By the time we got back at the site of the Kermesse, a little girl was giving a concert. Her name is Erza, she is 7 years old, but sings amazing songs from the likes of Adele, Stromae, Indila, and even Edith Piaf. Apparently she is joining the tv show, La France a un Incroyable Talent. I will make sure to look her up if I catch the show!

Then, the organizers asked the children to gather together for the awarding ceremony, giving of free chocolates, and finally for the balloon-releasing ceremony. It was a beautiful moment which marked the end of the day!

Throughout the afternoon, tons of people gathered by the table that was selling Pizza Turque / Turkish Pizza. I've never had any, so out of curiosity I picked some for our dinner. The Pizza Turque is composed of a flat bread rolled with minced meat, onion, tomato, lettuce, and tomato sauce. There was a little too much onion for my taste, but it was good!

And of course, we also had a dessert. The three of us shared a Nutella-Chantilly Waffle. How could we leave the Kermesse without getting a waffle, right? And so we finally left with big smiles from our superb family day-out.


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