Friday, April 11, 2014

Marche Couvert in Metz, France

Sometimes I think that my  husband must be happy that we are living 50 kilometers away from the big city. Because if we didn't, he knows I'd be constantly busy heating up our bank cards. And I'm not talking about clothes or bag shopping (although I do enjoy that too!), but shopping for food. Because if there's one thing I love to do most it's discovering local market places. There's nothing more soothing than taking a stroll through a local market, finding interesting buys, asking the local vendors how to prepare some ingredients, and chatting with other stroll-taking people. It's a whole other universe that I wouldn't give up for any price! As fate would have it, I had a couple of hours between work today and I decided to take a little visit to the Marche Couvert in Metz, France. As much as I enjoy the little market near my town (click here), this covered market right here was something else! My only regret was that I totally forgot to bring along my cute market basket and that I couldn't buy anything (I still had about 5 hours of work ahead of me).

So my little visit started at one of the butcher shops. Paupiette de Veau, Blanquette de Veau, Tete de Veau ... - take your pick! I just learned that calf (veal) meat is at its best during the season of Spring. I'm definitely keeping that in mind and thinking of maybe a Cote de Veau in the next coming days perhaps.

Emmenthal de Savoie - Lait Cru de Vache. Tempting, isn't it?

Now remember, the golden rule is to enjoy Oysters / Huitres on months with "R". With April coming to an end, you know what this means. Till September, I guess.

As much as the Emmenthal cheese was tempting, this was just pure torture!!! How could I let myself pass by this stall??? I grew up on an island, I currently live hours from the sea - know what I mean? I knew I should have. I should have just gone ahead and asked for a handful of Whelks, some Scallops, half a kilo of Shrimps, and half a Crab and driven back home while coming up with an excuse for my boss on why I wasn't coming back to work that afternoon. But no, I did the good-girl-thing and here I am looking at this photo and torturing myself some more! Next!!!

Okayyyyy ... so can you guess what holiday / event is coming up next??? It shouldn't be too hard!

Good thing I'm not much of a sweet tooth, so this photo does not do much harm to me (damn that seafood pic!) . But I have to admit, these baked goods look really good. France really does have one of the finest food window displays I know.

Candied Fruits. Pretty good in cakes. Dad loves this and if he was still alive, he would most likely have gotten a bag of those candied lemons.

Some more from this stall. Along the candied fruits, you can also find dried ones too.

And finally, my final stop for lunch. You're thinking I just had fruits for lunch?! No, no, no, this was my view from the chair I was sitting on while I was munching on a delicious Smoked Salmon Bagel and sipping my Fresh Fruit Smoothie. It's a new place that opened about a month ago, but wait, you're totally gonna learn about it in .... the next post!!!!


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