Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pick-Up: Casimir Pizza in Conthil, France

It's Wednesday again and Wednesdays mean that there is the Casimir Pizza Food Truck in town again. Well every second Wednesday that it. And in turn, this meant that MR, SO, and I waited patiently for our pizza. But this time, unlike the last, we barely had to wait since I called in advance. In a small village like ours, there aren't a lot of places for people to gather together. When you are a parent, you get to talk with other parents outside of the school, but when you're not, there's Casimir Pizza.

Two weeks ago - click here

I mentally promised myself that I would take a photo of the pizza truck. It's right in the middle of the village from 5:30PM-8:30PM, so it's hard to pass by without noticing it.

Flamms Gratinee (7,50 Euros) - cream, onions, lardons
Good, but unfortunately I forgot to mention that I wanted a pizza dough rather than a flamm dough. This was too thin and therefore overcooked and tough.

Pizza Fermiere (8,50 Euros) - tomato, cheese, mushrooms, chicken strips, cream, fried onion 
I'm not a fan of red meat on pizza. Never have been. I prefer vegetables like mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions.....This was my first time to try chicken meat and I liked it!

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