Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shopping Bag: Ben & Jerry's Core - Blondie Brownie

Another Saturday night where it's just SO and me as MR is working again until 10PM tonight. We missed him as Saturday nights these days are dedicated to watch the television show, The Voice France. But it's alright, SO and I understand the situation. C'est la vie - It's life, like they say here in France. Our family time takes a hit lately - there are definitely changes. To make up for MR's absence, I told SO it was just the two of us tonight and we would have a "girl's night". We went to the grocery store in the afternoon to prepare for our special night. We grabbed some seafood for dinner and for dessert I thought we could try one of the latest products of Ben & Jerry's Core, Blondie Brownie.

Ben & Jerry's Core: Blondie Brownie - A soft salted caramel core, surrounded by chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate and blondie brownie chunks.

It was good, but I'm sticking with my personal favorite - Cookie Dough!!!

Shopping Bag
Item:  Ben & Jerry's Core - Blondie Brownie
Store: Intermarche Super Morhange
Price: 5,95 Euros


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