Friday, April 11, 2014

Visiting Dad's Grave - 5 Months After

Dad's final resting place is right in the middle of my sister's and my place, peacefully located in a hilly area of our town. He lies amongst others who have had their life candle blown off as well. It's a calm and serene place and many times I've loved going up there, closed my eyes, listened to the sound of the wind, with many of life's questions scrambling in my head. I am usually answered by a comforting feeling, something telling me to hold on, something reminding me that life is beautiful and we are living in it!

Manila Trip 2008

Five months have passed and I think Dad's passing has really sunk in. I was so busy waiting for my breakdown that maybe I didn't realize that perhaps I was never supposed to have one. Today, I am truly fine. And I can only thank my Dad for that. I don't believe in coincidences, so I know this has to be the work of someone divine, someone watching over me. Sure, I still feel sad thinking about Dad, thinking of all the times that I've wanted to share good or bad news with him, but stopped yourself when I realized I couldn't anymore. Loving forever my Dad is not a promise I make, it's in my blood and in me. But I also have my family to think about. My loving husband and my beautiful daughter. Both times I lost a parent, MR was there. He has seen the raw side of me. Stripped of everything, leaving only the hollow me. But he stood by me both times. And he loved me back to life.


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