Friday, May 16, 2014

El Rancho - Mexican Grill in Metz, France

I've recently started a short list of restaurants in Metz that I want to try before the year ends. These are mostly restaurants that I usually pass by or see a lot whenever I'm in the city and I make a mental note of. I also like to go online and search on the website Tripadvisor to see the restaurant standings and ratings. But even if a restaurant has an low-to-average rating that does not discourage me from trying it. One's experience is always different from others. That is why I insist on blogging only about my own restaurant story and nothing else (i.e. things that I hear from other people). To prove my point, I went ahead and had lunch at El Rancho - Mexican Grill today despite its average ratings online and I had an overall excellent time!

I was going through my weekly planner early this week and saw that I was going to be in Metz the whole day today for work. I had two choices: bring my own lunch or try a restaurant. I think I can safely say the choice was fairly easy to make. I am not one of those persons who feel particularly awkward eating out by themselves. In fact, I cherish those "me-moments".

I arrived at around noon and the place was packed by working people and families. It wasn't warm enough outside so no one ventured eating at the outdoor tables. Thankfully, I found a perfect little table just for myself. I sat down and the server was quick to take my orders. I guess they are used to the lunch rush with the working people. Anyways, I went to use the restroom and found these 2 wall paintings in the photo above. I thought they were really good.

While waiting for my orders to arrive, I was served a basket of complimentary Nacho Chips and Pico de Gallo (Tomato Salsa). Very thoughtful, although they removed it before I could finish it all. :(


I ordered one of the lunch specials, the Paniere Rapido (12,90 Euros) which came with a plate of Beef Enchilada and Mexican Rice, a Mixed Green Salad, and a Doughnut with Chocolate Sauce for dessert.

The single serving of Beef Enchilada was enough for me. The Enchilada was composed of a tortilla stuffed with beef strips, vegetables (red and green bell pepper), sauce, and cheddar cheese baked in the oven for a couple of minutes and served with Mexican Rice.

If given the choice, I probably wouldn't have chosen this for my dessert. But it came with the lunch special. Personally, I would have preferred the classic dessert, Churros. The Doughnut turned out unbelievably yummy! It was soft, not-too-sweet, and melted in my mouth. The chocolate sauce was equally delicious!

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