Friday, May 9, 2014

Fromagerie Benestroff in Benestroff, France

I am not a big fan of cheese. *insert shock face* In French, I would have said je ne cours pas apres du fromage (I don't run after cheese). But like they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Except here we are in France and France happens to be the cheese capital of the world. So if you'd open my refrigerator, you would be sure to find a piece of cheese inside. MR and I have a very open home because we like having family and friends over. Whenever they know we are home, they come over to ask how we are and have coffee with us. I invested in a really good coffee machine and always make sure to have something to go with it (whether homemade or store-bought). And occasionally, some stay over to eat with us. I usually don't bother making something fancy. I just prepare what we would originally eat, even if it's just buttered pasta and ham. I've never had any complains. But I've also never ever not offered a piece of cheese after the main dish and before the dessert. If I didn't, I think I would get some complains!

Store Schedule

Sometimes when I am at the supermarket store, I look at the cheese prices and I can't help but stare in disbelief. A lot of them are priced at 15, 18, 20+ Euros per kilo, which is way more expensive than the kilo price of most meats! Who would have thought that?! I certainly didn't.

I recently remembered that there was a Fromagerie / Cheese Factory in a town nearby. I know a few people that like to buy their cheese there whenever they host a party. At first I thought they sold their cheese starting with a certain amount, but was later told by my friendly neighbor that as long as I went during the scheduled time I could go there even if I only bought a single piece of cheese. She even offered to drive me there. Did I not mention that I love my neighbors? 

So we got there just as the gates were opening. Each person had to get a cardboard box to put the cheese in and wait for their turn.

I originally wanted to get 2 or 3 kind of cheese, but when I saw that the prices were up to 60% off than in the supermarket stores, I went ahead and got more. I am hosting a lunch this Sunday, so I knew it would be consumed pretty quickly. Others I gave away as gifts to my family.

The store is right by the entrance gates of the Fromagerie so you can't see much of the site and the action. But from what I could see, it looked quite impressive. I would love someday to see the process of making cheese in live.

Munster, Brie, Tomme Fruitee (my new fave!), Carre des Ducs, and Le Petit Bleu Tambour.

All of these you can find at the usual grocery store, but at a much higher price!!!


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