Sunday, May 4, 2014

La Foire de Mai in Metz, France

Finally a Sunday where we don't have to share Papa MR with his work and we can have him all to ourselves! It's definitely been a while. Naturally, we wanted to spend the day as a family out. I read somewhere that La Foire de Mai in Metz, France was happening he whole month of May at the Metz Exposition grounds and I thought it would be a great place to spend the day at. Growing up, I was always fascinated watching fairs in the movies. You know the scenes where the cute guy tries his best to win the leading lady a huge stuffed toy in a game of throwing the ball or hitting the target. I always imagined that I would someday go to fairs myself.

Rows and rows of candies, chocolates, Pommes d'Amour, and basically anything to shoot up your sugar level! :)

Most rides were half-priced today (or 2 Euros/ride).
The first ride SO wanted to get on was the Super Railway. It was semi-scary but her papa rode with her.

Ball in the Air

Pirate Show

Log Boat Ride

Shaker Dance

Ghost Train - live horror show while riding a mini-train
SO bravely went on this. She was pretty courageous the whole ride, up until the end when the monster attempted to fake saw her arm off!

I thought the decors were pretty cool and elaborate!

Echelle Bresilienne / Brazilian Stair
I watched several people attempt to go up the stairs to try to grab the 100 Euros bill, but all failed miserably. This was crazy hard!

Bump Cars / Bikes

The Crazy Air ride.
I would never try this....or unless I was paid a ton of money!

Tons and tons of stuffed toys

And of course, we couldn't leave the fair without passing by La Peche des Canards or SO's favorite game. We went back home with a red fish and a proud 5-year old!


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