Monday, May 12, 2014

Paul Boulangerie in Semecourt, France

I started a new work project today. Something that will keep me busy for the next 2 months. It's about 65 kilometers from my house and I have to take the freeway, but I am excited. Excited and kinda freaked out too. I want to do good and that's always added pressure. If one had told me months ago I'd be doing what I'm doing now, I would have said they were crazy. I'm far from what I thought I would be doing last year. But I sure am enjoying myself and I'm told that I'm good and effective. That definitely helps my motivation. I left my work today totally proud of myself, thinking that I did real good. And because I'm happy, I wanted to make others happy - starting with my family!

I decided to look around the workplace area in the afternoon to see where I could potentially have my meals in the coming days. I came across interesting and inviting places like the Paul Boulangerie in the Centre Commercial Auchan. I've always been satisfied with their products so I decided to pick up dessert for dinner.

Millefeuille Fraises / Strawberry Millefeuille - 3,80 Euros
Eclair Chocolat / Chocolate Eclair - 2,40 Euros
Tartelette Fraises / Strawberry Tart - 3,40 Euros

For contact details, please click here.


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