Friday, May 2, 2014

Pick-Up: Navarin d'Agneau from Au Charolais in Morhange, France

It's Spring Break here. Luckily for SO, she has no school and is in the children's center all day for the week. Unluckily for MR and I, there's no break for us and we have to work! I guess going on a road trip or a weekend staycation will definitely be for another time. Instead today, I was home alone the whole morning and not looking forward to cooking lunch just for myself. I thought I'd keep that for tonight as we would be all together. But I was hungry! So I did the next best thing. I grabbed my bag and car keys and drove to the town's butcher shop to buy one of his prepared daily meals for sale.

Problem was once I got to the butcher shop my attention got distracted by its beautiful display!
Meat in all its glory!

But after minutes of ogling and salivating, I remembered what I was here for and realized that I didn't have much time left if I didn't want to be late for work later.

So I got an order of Navarin d'Agneau. This is a lamb stew dish, usually prepared in Spring, with vegetables like carrots, green beans, peas, and also sometimes turnip.

This was delicious, but after a couple of forks I thought it lacked something. Some sort of starch. I couldn't help but wonder if the person who served me forgot to give me some steamed potatoes perhaps. Luckily, I had some bread on-hand - perfect to soak up all the sauce!!!

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