Sunday, May 4, 2014

Super Wok in Moulins-les-Metz, France

After spending the day at La Foire de Mai in Metz, France (click here for the post), all that was left to do was to eat dinner. Thankfully, in the city of Metz, that isn't hard to do as you can find restaurants pretty much anywhere. But it seems like MR and I are in a somehow understood mission to try out together all the Asian restaurants in the city before declaring our ultimate winner. What can I say -- you can take us out of Asia, but you can't take Asia out of us!

A couple of months ago, on his way to work, MR noticed that there was a new restaurant opening. The people were putting up the sign and when he read "Super Wok", he was just sure a new Asian restaurant was coming to town. A few weeks after that, we tried coming here, but the place was still closed so we decided to give it some time before returning.

It's been several months since the opening and the place still looks brand new. The dining area was clean, the table and chairs were comfortable, the buffet table was organized and held a large choice of food, and the personnel enthusiastically served us throughout the night (some faces seemed to be familiar so I wondered if they transferred from other Asian restaurants we tried in the area).

I thought that the prices were reasonable. There are several similar restaurants in the area and they pretty much charge the same price for their buffets too. The sweet surprise in Super Wok though is that on Sundays, the child's buffet is free as long as accompanied by 2 paying adults. That's 8,00 Euros off the bill after all! And they give out a free cake if you are celebrating your birthday (you have to be at least 8 persons and reserve 24 hours ahead). I think both are pretty good deals!

What instantly got my attention at the buffet table was the Plateau Japonais / Japanese Platter. I'm a big fan of Japanese cuisine, but often times I am left rather perplexed and frustrated with the Sushis and Makis served in Asian buffets as they usually are bland, tasteless, and not fresh. A waste of tummy space, as MR likes to put it. 

But I went ahead and got several pieces of Sushis and was pleasantly surprised with the freshness and burst of flavors (especially the Salmon Sushi!!!). This place was just getting better and better by the minute! I helped myself to several other items in the seafood area - oysters, bulots (whelks), clams, and shrimps - which were equally fresh!

Personally, the highlight of these kinds of buffets is the Wok area. You are given a choice of raw food (fish, seafood, red meat, white meat, and vegetables) and the wok chef cooks it with your choice of sauce right before your eyes. It can't get any better than that, I tell you! It's so simple to prepare, but it's the best!

My super fresh, super delicious, super seafood wok!
Mussels, Squid, Shrimps, and Scallops in Oyster Sauce.

And then I proceeded to venture to the rest of the buffet.
Rouleau de Printemps / Fresh Spring Roll with Sauce Nuoc Mam.

Pork Nem, Fried Shrimp, and Shrimp Nem

I also tried some of the prepared dishes.
Fried Cantonese Rice, Sauteed Beef Slices, Fried Chicken, Sauteed Shrimp, and Stir-Fried Duck.
Delicious, but not as delicious as my Seafood Wok plate.

And finally, my dessert plate, which if you know me is my usual dessert plate when we go to buffets.
Strawberry and Passion Fruit Ice Cream with a bowl of Peaches, Lychees, and Strawberries.

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