Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flunch in Semecourt, France

I was sitting quietly at a table in the corner savoring every bite of my food when I happened to look at the table in front of me. I was looking at a family of 4 - a little boy, his mom, the grandmother, and the grandfather. I saw them eating, talking, and laughing together and I couldn't help but think about my own family. Not too long ago, this was us. I realized that so much has changed in just a span of 1 year. Our whole family dynamics has shifted and it's bittersweet. It's true when they say that the only thing constant in life is change. The family looked incredibly happy. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the mom call the attention of the little boy and his grandfather for picture-taking. This was something I always did and I have countless photos of SO and my Dad, but it hit me that I could never be able to do that again. It was more than I could take and I fought hard to hold back the tears.

It's been pretty hot outside lately. It's nice, but it's also hard to bring around a lunchbox with me. If I leave it in the car, I know it will most likely go bad and I didn't really feel like bringing my lunchbox around at work. If you asked my husband, he will jokingly say that those are just excuses to eat at a restaurant and I usually retort back that "it's good for the blog, honey!" LOL

Not having the luxury of spending a lot of money and time during my lunch break, I headed to the restaurant, Flunch. For less than 15 Euros, I knew I would be able to eat a complete and decent meal (I just had to choose well!)

But it's always a risk to eat at Flunch. While the food is decent, I've also eaten at some branches where the place was questionable - not clean and pretty dark. Thankfully, the branch in the Centre Commercial Auchan in Semecourt is shiny clean and well-lighted. A lot like the one in Sarrebourg (click here for the post).

Whoever isn't feeling the World Cup 2014 fever right now is probably hiding under a rock or living in a cave!

I jumped on the opportunity to try the World Cup inspired Brazilian dish - Moqueca de Poulet (6,95 Euros).

Moqueca de Poulet is a Brazilian dish that consists of chicken cooked in coconut milk with red bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, and spices. The chicken can also be replaced with fish or shrimps.

Flunch has a eat-all-you-can buffet for the side dishes. There is mashed potatoes, French fries, buttered noodles, steamed carrots, steamed green beans, ratatouille, steamed broccoli, sauteed mixed vegetables, and couscous.

I am a big fan of Flunch's Mashed Potatoes. It is not as creamy (and sinfully delicious) as the one I make, but it's pretty delicious!

"Family - where life begins and love never ends ..."

And to end the meal - Tartelette aux Fraises et Creme Fouette (3,00 Euros)

Tartelette aux Fraises et Creme Fouette - 3,00 Euros
Moqueca de Poulet - 6,95 Euros
Nestle Pur Life Pet 500ml (Water Bottle) - 1,75 Euros
TOTAL: 11,70 Euros

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