Monday, June 9, 2014

Homegrown Strawberries

My 5 year old daughter, SO, is becoming more and more curious with each passing day. Whenever something piques her attention, you can be assured that she will ask about it. Why is the sky blue, Mom? Why are plants green, Mom? Why do you know that, Dad? How do you cook that? Where did that cake come from? Why can't I get a new toy??? LOL It's cute, a little annoying sometimes, but I tell myself it's good that she is keen to observation and is interested to learn!

So I thought it was pretty cool when I stumbled on a hanging pot of strawberries at the plant and flower store the other day. It is once again the season for outdoor flowers and I am a sucker for houses decorated with lots and lots of flowers. I actually asked my husband to please find another parking spot (which is normally right in front of our house), just so I can admire staring at our house when I am walking outside. LOL.

Anyways, I saw this hanging pot of strawberries for sale and automatically thought of SO. As much as I try to answer all of her questions as accurately as possible, I am no walking dictionary / encyclopedia. And sometimes, it is just easier to understand something happening right before our eyes than go through a list of explanations. So I got these Strawberries for SO - to watch from the moment the flowers bloom to the formation of the strawberries, seeing them turn green then to red, and finally until the time they are ready to be eaten.

Now I know I said this was for SO, but when we tasted the first ripe strawberry - it was pure heaven! <3


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