Wednesday, June 25, 2014

L'Ere des Tulipes in Metz, France

The day after my Strasbourg day-trip (click here for the post), I was up again early morning ready for another day at work. But today I was especially motivated to go to work because I was meeting one of my close friend afterwards. She just started a new job and her office is about 500 meters from mine. Today was her third day on the job and I just had to see her! So we made plans to see each other after work today and ended up eating dinner together (which she insisted to pay!!!).

L'ere des Tulipes. For the past months, I've been passing by this restaurant and I thought it looked really good. From the outside, it looks modern and is decorated in shades of fuchsia and grey. The few times that I passed during lunchtime, it was always packed so I assumed that this must be a really good place to eat. I had no idea what kind of cuisine they served and I later found out that this was a Turkish restaurant. I was slightly surprised, mostly because of the colors chosen. I don't know why, but I guess I expected the decorations to be more oriental for a Turkish restaurant. Even the restaurant's name, l'Ere des Tulipes, didn't seem oriental. But that's before I found the political signification, which I still have to read more about.

So my friend, SU, and I settled on an outdoor table. It was sunny with a little wind from a time to time. This was my first time dining at a Turkish restaurant and I was glad to be dining with SU, who is Turkish. She gave me great tips in ordering!

Because Ramadan was approaching in the coming days, SU wanted to eat meat. She ordered a Brochette de Poulet / Chicken Skewers, Potato Fries, and a Green Salad.

I ordered a Mixed Pide and Green Salad. Pide is basically a flat bread with toppings. SU suggested I get the mixed plate so I could taste various toppings - vegetables (red and green bell pepper), cheese, meats (minced beef). I'm glad I did!

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