Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lunchdate at La Table du Saulnois in Maizieres-les-Vic, France

MR and I have always set aside time in a week just for the two of us. I find that it's important to spend time with one's spouse away from the children once in a while. As much as we need space from each other (in my opinion, it's never good to stay glued to someone 24/7), it's also good to find ourselves just the two of us. We talk about us, our days, our dreams, and just spend time with each other. It's been almost 13 years and amazingly we still learn new things about each other.

Lately, I've set myself on a mission. It started with research on restaurants in the region and giving myself a deadline to try them. As I've began checking them off my list, I started feeling a little bit guilty. While I've been lunching out between work hours, I've been doing it mostly alone. And that is why I promised myself that during our "dates", I could treat MR to the places that have really captivated me.

One of these places is La Table du Saulnois in Maizieres-les-Vic, France.
The first time I tried this place I was still living at my sister's and they served me the prettiest of plates (click here for the post). It was pretty darn delicious as well.
The second time I ate here was with Dad. We were coming home from a work thing and I invited Dad for lunch. This was perhaps one of the rare times where we ate out just the two of us. A beautiful memory (click here for the post).

Nothing has changed in the decors. There is still that elegant yet homey feeling about the place.

One thing did change about the food though - there is a buffet fraicheur now (which is a summer salads buffet) for the entree.
MR and I both had the Menu du Jour (13,50 Euros) : which comprised of an entree, plat, and dessert.

Carafe d'Eau - free (don't hesitate to ask)

Orangina - 3,20 Euros

Complimentary Bread- they were served fresh out of the oven! #absolutelydelicious

A quick photo of the Buffet Fraicheur

MR came back from the buffet with a small plate full of Rillettes, Fromage de Tete, Sausage, Cornichons, Creamy Mixed Salad, and Green Beans Salad.

I didn't choose the Buffet Fraicheur for my entree, instead I had the Salade de Foie de Volaille (Chicken Liver Salad).
Some of the livers were undercooked :(

As much as I loved the times I ate here before, this time was underwhelming. The choices for the lunch specials didn't really excite me. I went with what I thought I would enjoy best amongst the four choices for the plat. Unfortunately, the Saute de Dinde (Sauteed Turkey) was very very very dry!

MR had the Carpaccio de Boeuf (Beef Carpaccio). It was alright.
Poor guy! After hearing me go on and on about this place, he was definitely disappointed. I hope he didn't think I was exaggerating about this place!

Even dessert was a let-down. I was hoping to have my favorite Creme Brulee (they make the best one I've ever had) but even that was not available. I consoled myself with a scoop of Pistachio and Strawberry Ice Cream, but I was so passed beyond the disappointed state that that didn't even help!

2 Menu du Jour - 27,00 Euros
1 Soda - 3,20 Euros
TOTAL: 30,20 Euros

For contact details, please click here.


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