Sunday, June 1, 2014

Steamed White Asparagus with a Creamy Egg Vinaigrette

June 1. The first day of what is looking to be a very busy month.  I was looking at my monthly planner and it seems like every event is being crammed into this month. What did I expect anyways. SO has only 1 more month to go in school. So there's the school bingo night, end-of-the-school program, and the teacher's retirement farewell party. July and August represent summer and almost everyone goes away on vacation in France. Companies, factories, schools, and even small shops close for a few weeks. Which means I also have to work double time to finish my goals before summer. Then there are the barbecue parties or get-togethers at work (both for MR and I). Our town activities. World cup events. My monthly catching up with friends. And many many more stuff. But I'm not complaining and I wouldn't exchange it with doing nothing for anything in the world. If I wrote it down, it means that I can do it!!!

White Asparagus. A vegetable I am getting to learn to work with and appreciate since I've only ever known the bottled ones back in the Philippines. Seeing the rows and rows of fresh White Asparagus on sale in stores here always leaves me tempted to buy and it's hard to resist! The first time I sauteed them with butter, tomatoes, and parsley (click here for the post), but this time I thought I'd make them the way I'd prepare them when I bought them in bottles (with a creamy egg vinaigrette). Now that I can compare the both, the fresh white asparagus are definitely largely superior to the bottled ones!

I thought that the asparagus I bought had a very thick skin so with a vegetable peeler, I peeled the asparagus. I, then, steamed them for a good 20 minutes or until the asparagus were cooked through. Set aside until it is time to eat. You can eat them warm or cooled down, as you prefer.

In the meantime, I prepared a creamy vinaigrette with 1 part vinegar, 3 parts oil, 2 tablespoons of cream fraiche, 2 minced boiled egg, a pinch of salad herbs, and seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Dinner is served: Steamed White Aspargus, Mixed Green and Tomato Salad, Steamed Potatoes with a Creamy Egg Vinaigrette


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