Saturday, July 26, 2014

Courtepaille Epinal in Jeuxey, France

Finally, D-Day is here. The day we picked up SO from summer camp. I still can't believe she was away from us for a week and did really good. At 5 years old, I think she did pretty amazing. On the other hand, her mother (me) who is 28 years old and suffered terrible separation anxiety! Which is why I was feeling slightly torn today. While I was really really really excited to pick up SO from summer camp and see her, I was also hesitating to do it. As we approached the camp site, I felt myself not wanting to go. Sensing my hesitation, MR asked me what was bothering me so much. Timidly, I confessed that I was afraid she would be disappointed to see us and would ask to stay in summer camp rather than come home with us. MR listened to me babbling but laughed (grrrr!!!) and said knowing our daughter that wouldn't happen. I hoped for me that that would be true because I didn't know how I could handle it. Thankfully, he was right. SO jumped out of her seat when she saw me and wouldn't stop hugging and kissing me. I felt like my heart was endlessly jumping and doing cartwheels!

On our way home, we were up to our ears with summer camp songs which SO insisted we learn, stories of their daily adventures, and who-was-who in the camp! She had a fabulous time all right, but was also quite excited to come home. She did, however, whisper to the summer camp director that she would stay 2 weeks next year before leaving. Oh, bless my heart. I don't even want to think how I'm gonna cope us with that! Anyways, we weren't about to be going home yet as my good friend, LY, invited us to come over his house in Epinal, France, which was on the way. We left a little before dinner time because I had planned where we would have dinner tonight - Courtepaille.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased several gift certificates on the site Groupon. These certificates were sold at 1 Euro each. They allowed the buyer to eat at Courtepaille and have 50% off the bill, specifically when ordering grilled dishes. Having seen this restaurant last Saturday when we were on our way to summer camp, I thought for tonight we could use one of these certificates.

In brown, you have all the Courtepaille branches in France. If you notice, there is also the itinerary for the Tour de France 2014.

The menu looked so good that we could not make up our minds!

But while we did, we were served a small bowl of salted biscuits.

Aside from the 50% discount, we also had a cocktail drink for free (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Considering that a glass is about 3+ Euros, this was great! MR had a Kir (white wine + cassis), while SO and I both had a non-alcoholic fruit drink (I don't remember which fruit though).

We also had a Carafe d'Eau (free water) for our meal. France is really strict about drinking and driving (which is a really good thing!) and I don't mind giving up alcohol.

We were also given a small bowl of green salad. MR isn't a fan of green salads, so I quickly snatched his bowl! I love this stuff. Sometimes I think I must have been a rabbit or a guinea pig in a previous life.

SO had a plate of Saucisson with her children's menu.

Then our plates arrived.

SO ordered the children's menu - Baby Paillou (4,50 Euros) : Sausage + Unlimited Sidings + Dessert or Drinks. She loved the Penne in Tomato Sauce!

MR was feeling super hungry and he had the Travers de Porc Marines. Three huge pieces of pork ribs (around 600 grams) with unlimited green beans and French fries. I can confirm that he wasn't hungry anymore when he finished his plate.

I hesitated with my choice but finally decided on the Magret de Canard with a boiled potato and green beans. It was alright.

As recommended, I asked for the duck to be cooked rare. It was chewier than I expected. I really love duck, so I was a tinyyyy bit disappointed with this. Perhaps I should have asked medium rare.


1 Travers de Porc - 19,90 Euros - 50% (9.95 Euros)
1 Magret de Canard - 17,70 Euros - 50% (8,85 Euros)
1 Menu Baby Paillou - 4,50 Euros

TOTAL: Instead of 42,10 Euros, we paid 23,30 Euros!!!!

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