Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dinner at Kefan in Metz, France

I am in a love-hate relationship with the restaurant, Kefan in Metz, France. It's quite frustrating I must admit because you never know if you're going to have a good time or not. Anyways, work has started to calm down, but I was in town because my boss wanted to gather her employees before the summer break. We talked and talked and at around 8PM, we were separating ways. Because I still had to drive an hour to go home, I thought I'd eat dinner in the city. I told MR that there was a big chance I would, so he was taking our daughter on a father-daughter date tonight.

With Kefan, I feel like I am playing with a yoyo and sadly, this is the last time I am playing. Let me explain. I've been here 3 times. The first time was a disaster (click here for the post). I didn't understand the concept, people were rushing in and out, and it was just overwhelming. I got out of there hungry and finished my lunch meal at the Courtepaille nearby. The second time was better (click here for the post). I was with MR and we managed to avoid the lunch rush. We enjoyed a delicious meal together. The third time I was with the whole family (MR, SO, and Dad). Again, we avoided the lunch rush and we were able to enjoy our meal in a calm and quiet ambiance. I had a delicious Duck Strips dish (click here for the post), which I still think of when I think of Kefan. That day I proclaimed Kefan my new favorite Asian-Japanese Fusion restaurant in town. My blog post was even featured in an article in the widely known international magazine, French Entree (click here for the post). Unfortunately, the dream came crashing down tonight!

The Sidings Buffet Table : Sauteed Noodles, French Fries, Baked Tomatoes, Steamed White Rice, Vegetarian Fried Rice, Caramelized Potatoes, and Sauteed Monggo Sprouts to go with your main dish

Roughly translated: "the good man reveals himself in big occasions; the little man will only accomplish small tasks" - by Confucius

At dinner time, Kefan transforms itself from the lunch self-service concept to the traditional sit-down type of restaurant, wait for someone to get your orders, and serve you your food. It sounded good. What I didn't know was that it would take an eternity!

So before anything, I want you to imagine this. I walked in Kefan at 8:15PM. The restaurant was filled at 10% of its capacity (when I started my meal 10 persons were inside, a couple outside and later on during the meal 4 persons came in). It was not a busy night. There were 2 waitresses and 1 person in charge of the yakitori (which is done outside of the kitchen). Someone came over my table, took my orders, and told me that she would bring me a complimentary glass of their special non-alcoholic cocktail drink. The drink never made it to my table.

Fresh Spring Roll / Rouleau de Printemps - 2,80 Euros

The first order was a Rouleau de Printemps / Fresh Spring Roll. I was pretty hungry but this should be quick, I told myself. If you have all the ingredients prepared and on-hand, then all you have to do is basically just roll it together. No cooking needed. But I waited, and waited, and waiitttted, and waaaaiiiitttted, and wwwwaaaaiiiiitttttted. Finally, 30 minutes later (!!!), the Fresh Spring Roll made its appearance. I didn't know what to think.

Miso Soup with Mushrooms - 1,60 Euros (if ordered with the menu)

The Fresh Spring Roll went down pretty quickly. I figured if the waitress sees that there's no more food, she might tell the kitchen to hurry with the next order. Wishful thinking. Then again, Miso Soup shouldn't be too complicated to prepare. It's probably been slowly heating, ready to be served for the last hour. Not!!! And I was in for another 30 minutes of waiting. Grrrr!!!

MENU B: Japanese Cabbage Salad, Assorted Sushi, and Salmon and Tuna Yakitori (13,90 Euros)

Japanese Cabbage Salad

18 minutes is how long it took for this Japanese Cabbage Salad to be served. Am I exaggerating? I wish I was!!!

Assorted Sushi

I don't even bother counting how long it takes for this to make it on my table. I looked at it and I didn't even want it anymore! That's how disgusted I was at this point. And please, they served this on a chipped plate?! That's a big no-no.

I slowly make my way to the sidings buffet table. Anything to pass time! I get Sauteed Monggo Sprouts, Vegetarian Fried Rice, and Sauteed Noodles. It's gotten so late that they don't even bother to refill the chafing dishes properly!

At this point, waiting for 10 minutes for my next dish seemed real quick. A squeeze of lemon was perfect with these Salmon and Tuna Yakitori. Unfortunately, I was too upset to truly enjoy this.

As soon as I was done eating, I asked for my bill. Well, funnily enough that arrived within seconds. It's sad really. As I was paying, I pointed out that my free cocktail drink never made it to my table. "I'm sorry," the waitress replied. She didn't look sorry.

Never again, that's a promise.

1 Coca 330ml - 2,30 Euros
1 Menu B - 13,90 Euros
1 Miso Soup - 1,60 Euros
1 Spring Roll - 2,80 Euros
TOTAL: 20,60 Euros

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