Saturday, July 26, 2014

Epinal, France

Like I mentioned in the previous post (click here to read), we stopped by the city of Epinal on our way home from SO's summer camp. When my friend found out that we were in the area, he invited us to come over his house in the afternoon. I've never been to Epinal before, but I've always wondered about it as many describe it as resembling the nearby cities of Metz and Nancy. So that's why I told my friend, LY, that we would be at his house at around 4PM giving us an hour to quickly tour the city and sight-see a bit. Unfortunately for us, there was a huge pro-Palestine demonstration happening in the center of the city and we were told to avoid it as much as possible. With the number of people present, we wouldn't be able to do much sightseeing anyways.

So instead, I turned right into the first parking area I saw on the side of the road before we got to the center. Luckily for us, it turned out that the parking was along side the port of Epinal - Port de Plaisance. We saw a couple lazily lounging on their boat. We never got to talk to them nor did we know anything about them, but in my mind I was imagining what kind of life they must be leading. Probably a retired couple with lots of time for themselves, a passion for the water, going from port to port whenever the mood strikes them, and immersing into whatever nature landscape they are offered with that day. It sounds amazing, doesn't it? Plus in the photo above, the woman is having her feet massaged by her husband. Life, love, and dream.

The second photo is of La Capitainerie, a restaurant right across the canal which looked interesting. I don't know if the tables and orange chairs are from the restaurant, but I wouldn't mind having a romantic dinner there. Or even the roof top of the restaurant would be a really nice dining experience. I just hope that the food follows the decor. As you probably guessed it, I've bookmarked this place - I just have to figure out when I'm coming back to Epinal.


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