Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lac de Gerardmer, France

It's hard not to think of Gerardmer when I think of Les Vosges. Although there are other touristic and known places like La Bresse, I fell in love with Gerardmer since the first time I visited it. It's all about the beautiful lake, the lush greens, and the chill ambiance. So on the way home from SO's summer camp (click here for the post), I thought it would the perfect opportunity to make a little detour to Gerardmer. MR has never been before and like me, I knew he would love it. I later regretted not getting a hotel room to stay overnight, but we still had fun walking around. Life has been crazy busy these past months and it's been a while since we were able to spend some time just MR and I. It was a very relaxing moment, where at times it almost felt that time had stop and it was just the two of us.

This is why I love Gerardmer so much. While many come here because it is a skiing spot, I come here to relax. To give myself a break. There is nothing I love best to do but sit on a bench and reflect on the past year. At times, I get so caught up with what's happening now that I don't realize how much has passed.

I saw several people and children swimming in the lake. It looked clean, but I wondered how warm or cold it was.

And of course, there were the tourist activities - mostly boating.

Right in front of the lake is the prestigious hotel, Beau Rivage. There was a wedding ceremony going on and it looked beautiful!

MR and I stayed by the lake. It's a big lake, so it took us more than an hour to walk around it.

And we found ourselves back to point A - it was hard not to be tempted!

And so we started our dinner with a Glace a l'Italienne / Italian Ice Cream / Gelato. Well, actually, it was just me. Although tempted to, MR didn't want to eat the ice cream before eating dinner fearing that he would get sick. "What are you talking about?" I told him, licking my delicious Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream (2,50 Euros) while secretly wishing not to get sick!

By the lake, there were several operating businesses where you could rent motorized and non-motorized boats to use in the lake.

We also stumbled on a wonderful young musician. MR insisted we stop by and listen to his music before and after our dinner. He sang mostly English songs, some from when MR and I were teenagers.

Looking back at the photos, this reminded me of the Boracay Beach Strip the first time we went, back when there wasn't so many people. Because Boracay has a sentimental value to me, this might explain why I love Gerardmer as well.

And to end our evening, we sat one last time on a bench facing the calm lake in front of us. I leaned in a little closer to MR, placed my head on his shoulder, and realized that despite the challenges and the bad times, how truly lucky we are.


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