Saturday, July 19, 2014

Les Rives du Lac in Gerardmer, France

After our walk around the lake, it was only natural that we would stay for dinner. One, we were super hungry and two, we had to check out what the restaurants by the lake were like. We had our choice of restaurants to pick, but we eventually chose one right in front of the lake - Les Rives du Lac. We hoped for a nice outdoor table with the view of the lake, but we didn't. Instead, we were seated on an outdoor table with the view totally blocked by another table and sandwiched between two other tables. Boo.

When we entered the restaurant and saw the number of people dining, we knew we would have some waiting period before being seated. We were politely told that if we wanted, we could sit on one of the wooden tables on the side of the restaurant and have cocktail drinks while waiting. They would call us as soon as a table was free. Not being in a hurry, we agreed, and within minutes we were both sipping on ice cold Panache (3,00 Euros each). A Panache is a mixture of beer and lemonade.

I asked if it was possible to have a menu to give time to go over it before deciding. There was a lot of wonderful choices and MR went back and forth with his choice.

After several people were seated before us, it was finally our turn. By now, we knew exactly what we wanted to eat.

Carola Water - 3,80 Euros

Truite aux Amandes, Steamed Potatoes, and Vegetables of the Day (Creamy Flageolet) - 15,00 Euros

I asked if it was possible to ask for a small plate of green salad and I have to say this might the best thing I ate during dinner! And they didn't even charge me for it. I was pleasantly surprised as I know a friend who asked for a small plate of green salad (in another restaurant) and they charged her 3,00 Euros for it!

Souris d'Agneau Confite au Miel des Vosges, French Fries, and Vegetables of the Day (Creamy Flageolet) - 15,80 Euros

Both dishes were alright. Don't get me wrong, if I had to grade them I would give it a passing score. Buuuuttttt ..... there was something missing. The French use the term "fade" to describe a dish that's missing character or missing flavors. Like bland in English, I guess.

Cafe - 2.10 Euros

Perfect before taking the road going home!

2 Panache - 6,00
1 Truite Amande - 15,00
1 Souris d'Agneau - 15,80
1 1/2 Carola - 3,80
1 Cafe - 2,10
TOTAL: 42,70 Euros

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