Monday, July 7, 2014

Lunch with Girlfriends at Villa Roma in Morhange, France

It's officially the summer break!!! This means that starting today I am working way less than usual and SO isn't going to school for two months. Unfortunately for MR, he is working just as much (or even more!). We are not going on vacation this summer, although my legs are begging to, because our schedules just won't permit it. I still can't believe it's gonna be almost 3 years I haven't seen the beach. Just thinking of it hurts. Anyways, you can't always have what you want in life and really, who I am to complain anyways. Especially on a day like today where I get to mark the start of the week (and of the summer) with two of my close friends. Eating out with good friends is not a bad way to start the week and I could definitely get used to this! :)

Starting the week eating out with friends is great, but starting the meal with a glass of Martini Bianco isn't bad either.

Brochette de Poulet (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Bearnaise Sauce, Potato Fries, and Green Salad.

I always find it's risky to order Chicken Skewers in restaurants. Most often, they turn out to be really dry and tough and nearly impossible to swallow without drinking a glass of water to wash it down. Because chicken is best eaten cooked through, it is also often times overcooked thus dry. This was presented as the dish of the day today and I was teased by the aroma coming from the table coming beside us. I looked as our neighbors dug in their plates and all look quite pleased. I told myself, "why not?". 

I'm glad I did because the chicken was flavorful (probably marinated for hours), cooked through yet very moist, and just delicious! Overall, this was a very good plate.


Although the very nice waiter suggested we try their specialty, the Speculoos Tiramisu, I insisted on trying the Traditional Tiramisu. I couldn't help but think of the delicious Tiramisu I had by the Italian Chef in La Tegola Cucina Italiana in Cebu, Philippines.

This turned out to be a tad too sweet for my taste buds and after a couple of tablespoons, the bottom was rather runny.

A shot of Espresso coffee was the perfect way to end this meal. This was accompanied by a chocolate-covered almond. I had heard a lot of good reviews about this place from friends and family since it changed owners and reopened. Today proved to me that they weren't wrong and indeed you could have a good meal without going all the way to the city. I will definitely keep this restaurant in mind!

Martini Bianco Aperitif
Lunch Special (Main Dish + Dessert)
Espresso Coffee
TOTAL: 17,90 Euros 

For contact details, please click here.


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