Thursday, July 31, 2014

Potato and Leftover Roasted Chicken Salad

On Wednesday mornings (if I'm not working), one can usually find me walking around the weekly farmer's market near our town. This gives me the opportunity to look around and fill my bags with vegetables and fruits for the week. But that's not just it - I also like to buy a dozen fresh farm eggs which we usually eat soft boiled on Wednesday evenings. In the past weeks, I've also tasted some new arrivals in the market such as Potato Cakes / Galettes, Middle Eastern Bread, Couscous Royale, and even Paella! But most of the time, I sniff my way to where the Roasted Chicken / Poulet Roti is. To me, a French market without its Poulet Roti stand isn't a complete market and I just need to smell the scent of roasted meat!

But as much as I love Roasted Chicken, one whole chicken is simply too much for the three of us. And these days the pieces I am left with as leftovers are the breasts, which used to be eaten by my late dad. But as I'd rather run around naked than throw away perfectly good food, I always find a way to turn my leftovers into something new. And in today's case - Potato and Leftover Roasted Chicken Salad.

First, you start with boiling the potatoes until cooked through. Drain, peel the skin, and set aside.
Next, shred the chicken in strips using my favorite kitchen tools - my hands!

Slice the cooked potatoes and place in a bowl. In the same bowl, transfer the chicken strips.
Add half a cup of mayonnaise, half a cup of cream, and a tablespoon of mustard.

Next add your spices in. Sliced shallots, sliced green onion, salt, and black pepper.

Mix everything together well. At this point, I like to cool the salad. It's a personal choice, but I like my potato salad cool from the refrigerator. I know some also like it warm or just at room temperature. Enjoy!

Dinner is served: Potato and Leftover Roasted Chicken Salad


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