Saturday, July 12, 2014

Que Huong in Saint Avold, France

I heard a while back that there was an Asian restaurant in Saint Avold, France, but I wasn't familiar with it. I couldn't find much information online so I didn't know if it was updated or if the restaurant was still running. Anyways, when MR came home from work this afternoon, I told him that my niece had picked up our daughter for the weekend and we were all alone for the evening. I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner, so I was happily surprised when MR suggested we try the Asian restaurant in Saint Avold. He had also heard about the restaurant from his colleagues, but the feedback were pretty bad. So I went online to have more information while MR was showering and found out that there were in fact 2 Asian restaurants in Saint Avold. Not knowing which one we were going to since both didn't really have good reviews online, I went with what seemed to be the less of the 2 evil.

Unfortunately, we didn't leave the place contented and I think this might be the worst Asian buffet we've tried in the region.

We were very hopeful about this place when we arrived. From the outside, it looked rustic and traditional, but also had a very inviting feeling. I took great pleasure in taking photos of the inside of the restaurant and its decors.

Everything seemed to go well until it came to the food.

Complimentary Kropek
-I'm not a big fan, so I usually skip this.

Then we made our way to the buffet table.

Sushi and Maki, Thai Shrimp Salad, and Fresh Spring Roll
-mediocre at best

Here's some of the dishes that there on the buffet: Thai Rice with Shrimps, Chicken with Ginger, Vegetarian Sauteed Noodles, Lacquered Duck, Shrimp Curry, Chicken Caramel, and Beef and Mushrooms

The shrimps were so bland I think they were frozen. :(

Fried Food: Chicken Wings, Crab Pinchers, Cod Fish Cake, Fried Shrimp, Fish Fingers, Pork Spring Roll, Shrimp Spring Roll.

It was so oily, that when you pressed it with a fork, you could see the oozing oil. Eeeek!

The food was alright and then I noticed a new dish was being added to the buffet table.

Squid in a Tomato Sauce - I had a tablespoon and spit it out right away. It was RAW!!!! Just imagine, raw squid - it was gluey, it was sticky, it was just nasty!!!

The raw squid incident put me in the mood for dessert.

I had a bowl of mixed fruits ...

... and another of chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

At the end of the meal, they gave us fortune cookies.
Mine said: Be careful not to accept compromises tomorrow. Bow.

Adults weekend buffet - 2 x 18,99 Euros
Total: 37,98 Euros

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