Saturday, July 19, 2014

Road Trip to Les Vosges, France

I don't know if I ever mentioned it but SO, my 5 year old daughter, is my miracle child. And most probably the only child I will ever have. When I was told 6 years ago that I could never have children naturally, I was crushed. I didn't know where MR and I would be heading and if we could be one of those couples that could survive being just the two of us. I was 23 then and the future was a big question mark. And then the miracle happened. Some time after that, during a routine check-up for my ovarian issues, the image of a fully formed baby appeared on the ultrasound screen. To say that I was shocked is an understatement and when the doctor asked MR to come in the ultrasound room, he was as equally shocked. If I wasn't seeing the image of the baby or hearing its heartbeat, I would have thought this was a sick joke. Once the feeling of shock faded away, stress quickly sank in. I was 4 months pregnant, entering the second trimester of my pregnancy and millions of questions popped in my head. Was I ready for this? How would we support this child? One minute I was accepting the fact that I would never have children, then the next I was actually pregnant with a child! I still can't believe that that was 6 years ago. These days I am still feeling stressed. It has never stopped. Except these days I am stressed for other reasons.

Today we brought our beautiful daughter to summer camp for the first time. It's a bittersweet feeling. Two months ago, SO came back from school one afternoon and mentioned that she wanted to try going to a colonie de vacances / summer camp during the vacation. I asked her if she knew what summer camp was and she replied, "Yes, Maman! It's a place children live in during the break and there are activities. There are mostly children, but also supervising adults." Whoa, I thought to myself, this 5-year old did her research!

So I did my part and looked online for summer camps. If SO was serious about this, then I could be too (ignoring the pinching in my heart). Her father, MR, wasn't quite up for it at first, but I told him that if we found something not too far away and just for a week then it could be a great learning experience.

So this is why we were off to Les Vosges this afternoon. Three hours away from home, the department des Vosges is in the region of la Lorraine. It is a very touristic area especially in the winter because of its beautiful mountains. On the road I was surprised to see a number of camping cars with foreign plate numbers, so I figured there must be something about Les Vosges in the summer as well. Sometimes I forget that not everyone chooses the sea over the mountains as a vacation destination (it must be the island girl in me!).

Despite being a self-proclaimed island girl, even I could not help but admire what we were seeing during the car ride to the summer camp. We were surrounded by green. Light green, dark green, all shades of green. And when I opened my window, a whiff from the pine trees assured me that this was as good as it gets!

SO's summer camp is perched on the highest peak in the area. Going there made for an interesting drive (there were a few breathless moments), but once we got there we knew it was all worth it. I couldn't help but be jealous of SO who would wake up every morning this week to this amazing view. At this moment, choosing the sea did not seem as easy.


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