Friday, August 1, 2014

Sushi Eclair in Nancy, France

Today is another milestone in MR's and my life. Taking advantage of the fact that MR is not working today and I'm still on my summer break, we thought we would go and enjoy lunch out. If you're wondering where SO is, she has been happily spending her days in the children's center ever since she came back from summer camp. Because she doesn't have siblings, we decided it would be good for her to spend her days with other kids. She always has so many fun stories to share with us whenever she comes home in the afternoon. So anyways, MR and I went through a mini list of places we could try until we finally settled on Sushi Eclair in Nancy, France. MR just recently started to like sushi, sashimi, and maki and I guess he wanted to please me. Deep inside, I'm sure he would have preferred a traditional French or Chinese restaurant. But as we were eating what I can only describe as the worst Japanese sushi place I've ever been to so far, he never mentioned once "I told you so" to me.

So it all starts with a list to check. Each time you order, you can order up to 5 dishes. By the way, it is unlimited but if you had the same horrible food experience that we had, I doubt you can go past the second order. We only ordered a second time because naively we thought something good would finally make its way.

At first glance, you can notice that the prices are pretty reasonable especially because it's unlimited. But then comes the next ultimate question. Quality vs. Cheap Prices. Is it worth it??? We rarely ever go to pricey restaurants, but we don't mind paying the price for good food.

The Menu

MR knew we were going to have a bad time the moment he put his arms on the table. I tried to distract him, but even I was disturbed by the fact that the tables were not well cleaned. It was sticky and when I think of it now, I wonder why we didn't just get the hell out of there. Especially, when everything else was a disaster.

The service? What service?!? A waitress who barely acknowledges you, doesn't make a single peep or sound to let you know that she heard you, no greetings / no goodbyes, no how are you's, was the food good?, has no time to discard the dirty plates on your table and when she finally does practically shoves the dirty plates of others that she's holding so close to your face you can smell the leftovers while she attempts to get the dirty plates on your table. Sounds unbelievable? I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it first-hand. I thought she was having a bad day or she simply didn't like us. Well, I looked online and apparently thanks to reviews in Tripadvisor, turns out we weren't the only ones complaining.

Then we told ourselves, perhaps the food would make up for it all.
No - it only made it worst!

You know that feeling when you get out of a restaurant and you're feeling full, but not contented. That's the frustration I felt going out of Sushi Eclair. Two plates of Yakitori, Fried Spring Roll, and Steamed Dumplings made it to our table but not one was good enough to save the other!

Bland, tasteless, savorless ...

The Sushi, Chirashi, and Temaki did not fare any better. Even worst - in my opinion! Because I think that when it's in the name of your restaurant, then it should at least be your specialty. Don't you think? Unfortunately for us, the food looked waaaayyyyyy better than it tasted. The rice was over the top sticky and overcooked, very compact, and didn't even taste like sushi rice. It took all the efforts I had to swallow all the mushy rice. This would have been great as window displays, but to eat - forget it!

Not believing that this actually could be true, we decided to order Miso Soup, Sauteed Noodles, and Fried Rice. At least one of these dishes should be good, we told ourselves. It probably would have been if we had started our meal with this. But as indicated in the restaurant's name, we were coming in for Sushi and not noodles or fried rice. But at this point, I still had the after taste of horrible sushi and it was bittersweet.

So, would I recommend this place? To my enemies only.

Eating out should be a moment to enjoy, not one where you feel you are slowly being tortured. Some places have horrible food, others have poor service, and some have questionable sanitation and hygiene. Seems like Sushi Eclair won out on that one with a perfect score of 3 over 3!

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