Sunday, December 14, 2014

Le Marais in Paris, France

So the first Parisian spot we decided to visit was the area of "Le Marais". KR loved the area during a previous visit and I was excited to refresh my memories of it. Since we had already decided to eat at L'As du Fallafel (click here for the post) for dinner, which is right in Le Marais, we thought it would be cool to walk around the neighborhood first.

If you walk around Paris by foot, please prepared for window displays like the one in the photo above. It took great efforts not to be tempted to try at least one!

And once I was able to free myself from the display of delicious French pastries, I turned around and saw Movenpick, the famous and delicious Swiss ice cream. Again, temptation.

Breakfast in America - It's been too long since I've had good pancakes (especially blueberry ones!!!)

We went further into the neighborhood and came across really old but beautiful buildings. We weren't sure what this was but I stared with admiration a couple of minutes.

I kept admiring to myself how beautiful the cobblestone pavement was, but also silently thanking the Lord that I wasn't wearing heels today.

There were many bars in the area. This in particular was beautiful. My photo does no justice.

After walking around some more, we decided it was time to sit down and have a break before dinner.

Typically, I like to have a cup of good coffee in the afternoons, but hey it's summer, I thought I would get something else. Then KR mentioned a photo of a drink I recently posted on Instagram and asked what it was. Panaché, I told her, is a mixture of beer and lemonade and we ordered one glass each. She loved it!

Looking around I thought the bar we were at was quite interesting. While I've seen vending machines with candies and bubble gum, this was my first time to see one selling cans of pistachios and olives this way. Cool!

Unfortunately, I had thoughts of regrets on our way back from dinner. More so when we saw this. Red tomatoes, green chilli, and purple eggplant were innocently put on display giving us no indication what this place was, but something about it was intriguing. A delicious aroma quickly followed within seconds. Damn it, I told myself, we should have eaten here.

My photos don't even show half of why I love Le Marais. But it's definitely for its beauty, the presence of the old and the new, and that exciting thought that you never know what you will find.


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