Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ayako Sushi in Semecourt, France

On one of my last 2014 work assignment, I decided to stay a little bit longer in Semecourt before heading back to the office and try a restaurant I've been eyeing for a while. With the holiday break coming up, I knew it would take a couple of months before I would be here again and before I could try the Japanese restaurant, Ayako Sushi, so this was the perfect opportunity. 

Japanese cuisine is one of my favorite in the whole world. If only MR could feel the same, we'd be eating Japanese more often!

Overall, I thought lunch was decent. The service was alright, although there was no extra attention to details. No small talks. No asking of how the lunch went. But the food was fresh, delicious, and didn't take much time to make it to the table.

So speaking of food, I chose the Sakura Menu (16.80 Euros), which had:

Free pitcher of water (not part of the menu)

Salade de Choux / Japanese Cabbage Salad

Soupe Miso / Miso Soup

Sashimi Saumon / Salmon Sashimi and Tobbiko Wasabi Saumon / Salmon Wasabi Tobbiko
I loved the extra spiciness coming from the Wasabi Tobbiko! :)

... and a bowl of White Rice, although I thought this wasn't necessary.

For contact details, please click here


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