Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eat Sushi in Metz, France

A couple of days after eating lunch at Ayako Sushi (click here for the post), I was in another Japanese restaurant. This time around I was in Eat Sushi in Metz, France. My morning was spent correcting school papers and it wasn't exactly as pleasant as I had hoped. When the papers are nicely-written, there's no problem, but when it's the contrary, it is hard to give  a bad grade. It's a very conflicting feeling and gives me headaches at times. Which is why I found myself walking around the streets of Metz at lunch time. I wasn't particularly looking for a place to eat, just fresh air, but when I stopped to tie my shoelaces in front of Eat Sushi, I told myself, "Why not?"

I wasn't sure about the high stool chairs as I'm not a particular fan of sitting on them. But I'm rarely in dresses / skirts and I never forget to wear an underwear. No Britney Spears moment happening here.

I was really excited about the conveyor belt, which I didn't know about before sitting down at the table. I loved seeing the food going around me. Thank God for great power of resistance or else I would have gotten everything coming at me.

Soupe Miso / Miso Soup

Salade de Calamars / Squid Salad - a tad too sweet for my taste

Sashimi au Saumon / Salmon Sashimi - so fresh, which the owner (I assume) could not help but brag about. I'd take raw salmon over cooked salmon anytime.

Umami Maki Snake
-anguille grillée, avocat, crevette tempura, sauce umami
-grilled eel, avocado, shrimp tempura, umami sauce

Saving the best for last. Umami can be translated as "pleasant savory taste" and this was exactly it. The sweetness of the avocado, the crunchiness of shrimp tempura, the saltiness of the grilled eel, and the flavorful umami sauce was the perfect combination for this maki snake! I still think of this at times.

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