Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lunch Date at La Pataterie in Moulin-les-Metz, France

Has luck finally turned around for us? I hope so!

After what I can only describe as an awful experience yesterday, MR and I might have finally found the car we needed. So it all started yesterday when I found what seemed to be a good car for sale online. I tried calling. Unsuccessfully. Until finally, the person picked up the phone and set it aside while she was having a conversation with a man! How rude, right! After 10 minutes of listening to her talking to the man (about the car!), I put down the phone. I called back after half an hour only to be rudely told to call back the next morning. I called this morning and she never picked up the phone (and even cancelled my call at one point!). Oh well, you cannot expect everyone to act maturely and respectfully, I told myself.

Anyways, I found another car for sale online this morning and I wasted no time to call for information.This time around the person on the phone was respectful, nice, and easy to talk to. Within an hour, MR and I were inspecting the car. This is it, I thought to myself, soon MR and I won't be sharing the same car anymore.

We still had some time left before MR's work shift, so I suggested we eat out for lunch. I thought I would bring MR to my favorite secret / not-so-secret place (click here for the post), but we decided we would go to La Pataterie (click here for the post) since we had such a good time the first time.

La Pataterie, qu'est-ce qu'on est bien ici!
Yes, it's true!!! :)

Admiring the inside decors while waiting for our food ...

Within minutes, our free bottle of water was served ....
.... and closely behind, our food, too! It took less than 15 minutes for our food to be prepared. Nice.

Les Pom's au Four - La Perigourdine (13.50 Euros)
Pomme de Terre cuite au four, gesiers de volaille, champignons, magret de canard fumé, sauce aux cepes, sauce fines herbes, et salade melee.
A huge potato baked in the oven, chicken gizzard, mushrooms, smoked duck breast, porcini mushroom sauce, herbs sauce, and mixed salad.

This was what I ordered the first time we tried La Pataterie (click here for the post) and it was just as good. I hate the huge melt-in-your-mouth potato. I hate the delicious and creamy porcini mushroom sauce. I hate the savory chicken gizzard. I hate the .... yeah right!!! 

I hear even the potato skin is good in La Pataterie. If only I wasn't brought up by my parents to avoid eating potato skin, I might have tried. 

Les Pom's au Four - L'Alpage (10.90 Euros)
Pomme de Terre cuite au four, saucisses fumées et sauce Emmenthal, sauce fines herbes et salade melée
A huge potato baked in the oven, smoked sausage and Emmenthal cheese sauce, herbs sauce and mixed salad

MR wasn't as satisfied with his choice the first time in La Pataterie. This time around, he took his time to choose and this one he was super happy with.

To end the meal, I had a Profiterole (2.20 Euros). Unfortunately, it had too much whipped cream for my taste. I wish I skipped this and ended my meal with the baked potato instead.

MR felt the same way about his Fondant au Chocolat (5.90 Euros).

My handsome birthday boy. January 21 is already a special date because it's MR's birthday, but it also represents the beginning of our long and beautiful relationship. Can you guess how many years it's been now?

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