Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dinner at Ippoudo Ramen in Nancy, France

I love my husband, MR, but I swear some days he exasperates me. Just today, for example, he conveniently went to work at 6AM with all of our keys! Grrr ... Both house keys. Both car keys. And my car's spare key as well. Again .... Grrrr!!! It would have been fine I guess, or a lesser deal, if I wasn't supposed to be working today. But I was. Imagine my shame and discomfort calling my boss and telling her the reason why I couldn't come in. *insert long sigh * Again, I love my husband, but today, he's my no. 1 enemy.

So after talking to my boss and trying to call MR in vain, I thought I'd do the next best thing. Put my energy into house cleaning. After an hour or so, the upstairs was shining - I think it was the cleanest it's been this year. And then I heard a phone call. Apparently, MR went to get a candy in his locker and while looking through his pockets realized he had all the keys with him.
Couldn't he just have realized that earlier???

If cleaning cooled me down, talking to MR made me feel enraged again. And this time, I decided no more cleaning. I had enough. Today was going to be my rest day and I was going to do what I wanted (just as long as I stayed at home). And as soon as MR was home, he was gonna have to face my wrath. But don't worry, he was prepared. Flowers in hand, he apologized profusely, even before stepping into the house. I laughed hard. But it still wasn't enough. I wanted more and I waited for it to be offered. Thankfully, MR knows me too well, which is why after sensing my anger not thawing down, he said, "how about I invite you for dinner at your choice of place tonight?"
Oh YES!!!

Although not my favorite place (I'm too much of a foodie to have only one favorite place), Ippoudo Ramen in Nancy, France is a great Japanese restaurant. I'm simply under its charm. If I could, I'd tried to come here more often! Click here for a previous post. 

I'm not the only one under the charm of Ippoudo Ramen. SO is too.
She always orders the Shrimp Tempura and Plain Rice.
It's a joy to see her eat so wholeheartedly.

MR hasn't been bitten by the Ippoudo Ramen bug. I don't really know why though. He admits that it is delicious but he gets less excited than we do. Tonight, he ordered the Menu Tonkuso A which includes:

Salade Maison / Japanese Cabbage Salad - perfect balance of sweet, sour, and salt

Raviolis / Gyoza

... and a Tonkuso Simple.

I decided to take the menu's newcomer:

Ramen Shoyo Raviolis aux Crevettes - 10,90 Euros
-with extra shrimp tempura (+4 Euros)

My Ramen had 4 pieces of Shrimp Raviolis, Seaweed, Vegetables, and an Egg. I asked for the addition of corn.

The raviolis were delicious ....

... and the ramen noodles perfectly al dente!

This is the first time I've ordered dessert here. We decided to share a Daifuko / Iced Mochi - Green Tea.

I was the only one who liked it. More for me, I guess.

As enraged as I was with my man earlier, I can never stay too mad at him.
It's been 14 years now. <3 <3 <3

For contact details, please click here. 


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