Sunday, March 1, 2015

Late Afternoon in Center Parcs - Les Trois Forets in Hattigny, France

When working non-stop from Monday to Saturday (which includes long trips and stressful days), the last thing I want to do is take my car and use whatever energy I have left in me. But I figured, if I don't make the extra effort, my family and I would never do anything fun together. Which is why MR, SO, and I found ourselves in the car on our way to Center Parcs - Les Trois Forets in Hattigny, France last Saturday afternoon.

There aren't lots of places to see and activities to do where I live. Like we say in Cebuano, "mag balik-balik" (movies / parks / restaurants / ....) . It's even worse in the winter when the cold limits any going out.

Center Parcs - Les Trois Forets in Hattigny, France is perfect for the 4 seasons of the year. I'm not sure about doing the outdoor activities during the winter, but the giant bubble protecting the Aqua Mundo is perfectly heated. In fact, I've been told by friends that it's a great feeling swimming in the outdoor heated pool while it's snowing on you. Unfortunately, it wasn't snowing today so we couldn't experience it. I'm glad, though, as I probably wouldn't have braved the snow-covered road going there.

Center Parcs is a tourist spot which consists of villas and bungalows, many outdoor activities, and a huge bubble protecting the pool surrounded by lush greens. I once looked at prices on the internet for weekend stays and it isn't cheap. But they have a day-pass which is pretty reasonably-priced, plus hubby has great prices through work. But in the winter, spending a whole day in the pool is a bit too much. Thankfully, they also have a late afternoon-pass which gives you access to the site from 5PM to 8PM and it only costs 13 Euros per adults (it's free for children aged 6 years old and below). I think it's the best deal for us.

This wasn't our first time in Center Parcs (click here for the post) and this time around went slightly smoother. No walking and turning around to find our way. MR even managed to sneak in the camera to take some photos. Ssshhh... He says that this might be currently his favorite place to relax and have fun. SO's, too.

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  1. For a group booking in a private room, can you avail of the buffet or is there set menus published with pricing?

  2. Dinner at Six ThirtyMay 31, 2015 at 12:59 PM

    Hi Rita. From what I can remember, you may avail of the buffet even if you reserve a private room and there are also set menus available. There are different menus with different prices. The parking is free and accommodates for quite a number of cars.


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