Friday, March 6, 2015

Strasbourg, France

Last August, I was asked to go to Strasbourg for work for a day. I love the city of Strasbourg in France and although I've been there for a couple of times now there's still so much for me to explore. And of course, it's always a pleasure to revisit my favorites. 

Strasbourg is just 120 kilometers from where I live and it takes about an hour and half to get there. I could drive going there, which I've already done, but I prefer to take the TGV train. It takes just as long, but I arrive in Strasbourg relaxed and not tired. Plus, I get to work on some things during the ride.

I love that when I get out of the train station the first thing that I notice are these European flags. I always tend to forget that Strasbourg is "the capital of Europe".

Hotel Nid de Cigognes ( Storks Nest Hotel)

I arrived a couple of hours before my work meeting so I had the chance to walk around the city and take photos. I remember wishing that MR was with me at this moment.

Gare de Strasbourg / Strasbourg Train Station

I tried to take a panoramic photo of the train station. I love the colors (seeing we're in winter I must obviously be missing the summer!).

No trip to Strasbourg is complete without a visit to Place Kleber.

The statue of Jean-Baptiste Kléber, a Strabourgeois general

The fountains in Place Kléber

My life has got to be like this. It's got to keep going up. -Gatsby 

A couple of hours later, after the successful meeting, I was heading back home. There was no way I could miss the train home as it was SO's 6th birthday tomorrow.

Biking to charge your mobile phone - I love this concept!

Having spent a lot of time in train stations, it's become one of my favorite places. There's always so much going on, people walking by - sometimes running, with pets or bikes, families with children, sometimes the children are quietly following their parents, sometimes they're running ahead, there are the businessmen in their suits and briefcase, tourists with heavy bags ... It's a friendly reminder of how many people there are in the world living their own lives, of how crazy life can sometimes get, and how nothing in life is permanent but change.

"Travel is the only thing that makes you richer."


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