Saturday, April 18, 2015

La Winstub in Metz, France

Last November, a good friend of mine from the Philippines came to visit me. JO and I first met when I transferred to a new school during Junior High School. It was the first time that we met, but it turned out that our families were actually linked in some coincidental way. A good family friend of ours was her grand uncle. We laughed at how "small" the world is and hit it off from there. Through the years, there have been many changes, many challenges, and distance, but somehow we tried to keep contact. It isn't always easy though, so when she contacted me to tell me that she would be in Europe, I was ecstatic!

On our first night together, we decided to have dinner at La Winstub in Metz, France. I had heard from friends that this was a great restaurant representing the East region of France, especially Alsatian cuisine, and the food was of good quality. It was highly recommended! I wasn't so sure at first though because JO really wanted to eat French snails, Escargots, and that wasn't typically a dish from East France. But after checking out their website out of curiosity, I saw they surprisingly served Les Escargots de Bourgogne. Great, problem solved!

We started our meal by sharing two orders of Les Escargots de Bourgogne. As much as I love Escargots, I can only eat 2-3 at a time. The secret to delicious French snails is lots of butter,lots of garlic, lots of parsley, and seasoned with salt! When the snails were all gone, we carried on cleaning the plate by absorbing all the butter with French bread. Cholesterol? What cholesterol?!? :D

It was difficult to choose a main dish from the mouthwatering menu, but I finally went with the Boeuf Gros Sel, Crudites, et Pommes Roties. This was delicious!!! The boiled beef was tender, moist, and of good quality. The gros sel or coarse salt was just the perfect seasoning touch for the beef. For the crudités, there were tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumber, and celeriac. But the show-stopper of the night was the Pommes Roties / Roasted Potato. Prepared traditionally, the roasted potato was crunchy but at same time melted in the mouth. Hmmm ... It was so good that I could definitely come here just for the potatoes.

Schieffala a la biere et a la moutarde. Epaule de porc, creme, moutarde, biere, emmental, gratinée au four.

Pork Shoulder, Cream, Mustard, Beer, Emmental Cheese, Baked in the oven.

MR was equally impressed with his dish. It was the first time he ordered / ate a dish with beer as an ingredient and he was amazed at the flavours. I knew he would be happy though, as it has all of his favorites - pork, cream, mustard, beer, and cheese!

He chose homemade Spaetzle to accompany his dish instead of the roasted potatoes. Spaetzle is traditional Alsatian noodle made of eggs, flour, and salt. It's basically like noodles / pasta, but thicker. Although he liked the Spaetzle, once he tried my potatoes he knew he made the wrong decision.

Not taken in the photo, JO ordered the Escalope de Veau a la Creme et Champignon Frais / Veal Escalope with Cream and Fresh Mushrooms. She was just as satisfied as we were!

At the end of the meal, I was left with a really good impression of La Winstub. After hearing lots of good things about it, I was really glad I could finally relate. It is definitely a place to recommend. It is traditionally decorated, has a pretty nice menu, the service is professional, and it is the place to discover if you would like to know more about this region of France through its cuisine.

On the other hand, the prices are slightly more expensive than in other restaurants nearby, but it's worth paying for it. It isn't unaffordable either. It is usually fully-booked, so I would suggest reserving ahead. And finally, it is located in the pedestrian-only area of Metz, but you have parkings nearby. We parked our car at the Marché Couvert parking and walked about 5-10 minutes to the restaurant. The walk helps with the digestion on the way home!

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