Saturday, May 16, 2015

Butter Garlic Razor Clams / Couteaux

Last December, I stumbled upon some Razor Clams or Couteaux, like they say in France, in the supermarket. I was surprised to see these for sale as we don't exactly live near any body of water. But the fishmonger assured me that these babies were fresh and it didn't take more to convince me. December is a pretty nice month for seafood-lovers like us because with the festivities there is suddenly more seafood available (like manila clams, littlenecks clams, cockles, oysters, sea urchins .... ) on the market.

With the fillet of razor clams safely tucked in my shopping bag, I made my way home excited for dinner. This was my first time to prepare razor clams and I suddenly remembered the buttery oyster sauce I once made with mussels (click here for the post). I had loved the combination of seafood and the buttery oyster sauce and I wondered if the sauce would be just as delicious with the razor clams.

Boil water in a deep pot. Place the clams in the pot and boil for 5 minutes or until the shell open up. Remove from pot and separate the clams from their shells. Set them aside.

In a wok on medium heat, melt 1/3 cup of butter and 6 minced cloves of garlic.

Add the clams and 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce in the wok and stir together. Season with black pepper and add a pinch of sliced green onion.

Serve hot and enjoy! 


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