Saturday, May 30, 2015

City Wok in Metz, France

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in France, which is celebrated a couple of weeks after the Philippines and the United States. So I've pretty much been receiving greetings from friends and families for the past week and I thought I would return the favour tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided we would celebrate mother's day a day earlier. MR asked me what I wanted to do and truthfully I didn't know what to answer. My family is my primary source of happiness. But I'm a girly-girl and I like shopping. Hihi. And I'm a food blogger and I like eating too. :D

So I told MR as long as there's shopping, eating good food, and spending time with my family involved, it would be perfect. MR and I were both working today in the morning, but as soon as we made it home, we hopped back in the car with our daughter, SO, to head to the city.

In the city, we enjoyed walking in the pedestrian only streets of Metz, France. We bought flowers, some make-up for my collection, cupcakes (post coming up next), and even SO was able to choose a little something for herself! After a couple of hours, it was time to eat.

City Wok Restaurant in Metz, France. Yet again another Asian buffet. I think, with the exception of 1 or 2 restaurants left, MR and I have probably tried all the Asian buffets in the city. I keep telling him we should try more kinds of restaurants, but MR is a big fan of buffets especially when it's Asian.

We weren't supposed to eat at City Wok for dinner tonight. Originally, I wanted to try the restaurant, L'Eveil, for their Fondue Chinoise or Chinese Hot Pot. But when I called to make reservations, they were fully booked already, plus I was told to reserve 48 hours in advance for the Hot Pot. I had heard about City Wok because there is an ongoing promo on Groupon and we also noticed this place when we ate at Indochine last March (click here for the post).

At 7PM, we were lead to a table. There weren't a lot of diners, but by the time we left at 8:30PM, the restaurant was packed and the room felt cramped. Perhaps, it would be better if they could put more space between the tables. Location-wise there is a paying parking in proximity so that's really great, the service is not terrific but isn't too bad either, but ultimately it's really all about the food.

I started our meal with a Japanese plate - Salmon Sashimi, Maki, and Sushi.
On one side of the room there is a small buffet table especially for the sashimi, sushi, and maki. Close to it is a table with a sushi chef who systematically makes fresh sushi throughout the night. I really appreciated that as I suspect a lot of Asian buffets in town use industrial sushi. It's a nice change.

For the cold starters, you had a variety between Asian and European salads. I had a fresh oyster, bulots/ whelks, and some soja and shrimp salad. There was also a cabbage salad, seaweed salad, fresh spring rolls, potato salad, tuna pasta salad, a tomato-mozzarella salad, and steamed shrimps.

Nowadays, the little plus of Asian buffets is the "Wok Station". You can choose raw meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, and noodles to be cooked wok-style in front of you with your choice of sauce.

My wok of choice is always a plate of seafood. If available, mussels, shrimps, scallops, bell peppers, leeks, and onions usually with an oyster or garlic sauce. This was delicious!!!

So far, everything was going so well and I was getting full, but I still had so much more dishes to try. I limited myself to one more plate and tried as much as I could before calling it quits.

I had Roasted Chicken, Chicken with Bell Pepper, Beef and Onions, Fried Squid, Sauteed Vegetables, Salt and Pepper Shrimps; Fried Shrimp Spring Roll, Fried Chicken Wings, and Cantonese Fried Rice. Everything was great. 

As you probably can guess, I didn't have space for desserts at this point. The dessert table was typical of Asian buffets. Ice Cream, Flan Tart, Fresh Fruits, Canned Fruits, and Asian Delicacies.

Buffet Price: 17.80 Euros (weekend adult price), 8.00 Euros (children over 3 years old)

For contact details, please click here


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