Saturday, May 30, 2015

Coffeeserie in Metz, France

Just when I thought I was full from dinner, we found ourselves by the shop, Coffeeserie, on our way back to the parking. I swear I heard my stomach complain just a tiny bit, but there was no way I could just walk by and not stop to get anything. I've been hearing a lot about Coffeeserie on social networks and the photos of their desserts have always been mouthwatering. Walking in the streets of France is almost paradise for foodies with the delicious French delicacies on display, but Coffeeserie specializes in non-French desserts a.k.a Cupcakes. I don't know about the rest of France, but that ain't so common to find in the streets of Metz. I couldn't help but think of the cupcake craze a couple years ago in the Philippines and the United States and wondered if it was finally coming to France.

Considering it was 8:45PM I wasn't too surprised to see the limited number of cupcakes for sale. I'm just glad there were still some available.

For 6.40 Euros we had a Tagada Cupcake and a Vanilla Cupcake. Don't they look so pretty?!?

I didn't try the Tagada Cupcake as I'm not a fan of the strawberry candy, but I had the Vanilla Cupcake all to myself. Hihihi. There was as much of the cream cheese frosting as the cake, but thankfully it wasn't too sweet.

Final verdict: the cupcake was very moist, not too sweet, and definitely brought me back to memories of home. I'll be coming back here for sure.

For contact details, please click here. 


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