Saturday, May 2, 2015

Les Moulins Bleus in Saint-Julien-les-Metz, France

This week's a good one. And we just had to celebrate. My husband, MR, after a year and a half of working in France has finally signed a CDI work contract. A CDI is a contrat a durée indeterminée or essentially an open-ended contract, or a permanent employee contract. It is quite a big deal in France because it facilitates a lot of things, like the purchase of a new car, a house, or filing a visa for travels. We are beyond ecstatic and I know MR deserves it. He is a reliable, motivated, and hard-working employee!

So this is why we were in a celebratory mood today and decided to enjoy a nice Saturdate (dinner + movie) together. After 14 years being together, I am still head over heels with my man, but today especially, I couldn't keep my hands to myself. Hihihi.... 

MR is a Marvel comics fan so we headed to the cinema complex to watch the latest Avengers movie. There are several restaurants in the complex and we chose one that we've never been to - Les Moulins Bleus.

Since the movie was starting at 7:30PM, we decided to go to the restaurant at 6:30PM. I was worried that it was too early to eat and we wouldn't be accepted, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were several diners inside already.

A lovely waitress came to take our orders and within minutes, we were served these complimentary green olives.

MR ordered a Menu Carpaccio (16.90 Euros), which consisted of an starter dish and a main dish or a main dish and a dessert. He started the meal with a Salade Vosgienne, while I patiently waited and chatted with him. It was followed by a main dish, a Beef Carpaccio with French Fries, which he unfortunately forgot to take a picture of! I had a forkful and it was delicious! I can't help laughing because a couple of years ago, MR didn't particularly enjoy raw meat and now he truly loves it. Whoever said people can't change was wrong!!!

When MR finished his salad, I was served my main dish - one of Moulin Bleus's signature dish -
Le Panier Maxi Luxe (16.90 Euros).

Le Panier Maxi Luxe - steamed shrimps, salmon, tuna, pesto-marinated artichoke hearts, green peas, mixed vegetables, romanesco cabbage, cherry tomatoes, white rice, and on the side, a aioli sauce.

As delicious as it looked (with the steaming basket and the contrasting colors), it was a let-down. Because it was one of their signature dishes, I had high expectations. But the shrimps and fish were overcooked, the rice as well, and overall it wasn't flavourful. I felt the ingredients were disconnected from each other, and although the aioli sauce brought much-needed flavor, this dish was lacking something. On the other hand, if ever I come back here (which I most probably will), I already know what I'm getting - The Carpaccio!!!

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