Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Before anything, I'd like to greet a Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there and I hope you had a very good day.

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Having celebrated the day before (click here for the post), we decided to do what we do best - relaxing with the family. MR was working the morning shift, so we were up early. Too early for a Sunday morning, but SO was up and about and excited to give me her gifts. I woke up to gentle kisses all over my face. Just the perfect way to wake up.

SO made an office decoration made of wood and with a heart which she wrote the adjectives she chose that described me best to her. Emerveillé, lumineuse, organisée, drole, intelligente, et etincelante. Wonderful, radiant, organized, funny, intelligent, and sparkling. Wow, I thought to myself, I must have done something real good for my kid to see me this way. *sniff*

In the gift package, I also had a Yankee Candle - A Child's Wish, which smells amazing and is appropriately named (don't you think???), 2 Roses, and a huge XXL Mug (which SO said what to be used to share our breakfast cereal in).

I can't help but wonder what I must have done to have such a sweet daughter. Mother's day has always been special with my own mother. I always used to be a bit sad on this day but now that it's been 13 years since she passed away, I feel that it's easier to get through. I still think of her constantly, but that feeling of sadness is less concentrated (does that make sense?). Her birthday is 2 days from now, so let's see how I will do then.

Anyways, thankfully I am surrounded by very understanding loved ones and I had a really good day. It's nothing fancy like I was used to, but with age, I've come to realize that ultimately happy moments with family are priceless.


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