Friday, May 8, 2015

Papilles - Gateau Magique au Pamplemousse

This month of May is looking up to be really good. After months of non-stop working and having 1-day weekends, it looks like I'm going to have some free time for myself. Because good news - we have a couple of public holidays this month which of course shortens the work week. After the long weekend of last week, I am currently enjoying another one. Aw gosh, I didn't realize how much I missed sleeping in!

Another thing I realized that I miss is baking desserts. I can't even recall what was the last goodie I made. But as I was browsing through my computer, I saw these photos of the Gateau Magique I must have made around winter time.

I am a big fan of food magazines. I had a collection back in the Philippines and it's safe to say that I am on my way to continuing having my collection in France too. Every month, I try to get my monthly copy of Papilles.

And in this month's issue there was a recipe for a Gateau Magique au Pamplemousse / Magic Cake with Grapefruit. My interest was instantly caught, more so when I saw that the preparation was real easy. And of course, out of all the cakes out there, I wanted to know why this was "magic".

So after following every baking steps and procedures and waiting patiently, I got it. Turns out the magic cake has 3 layers to it - first layer from the bottom is a flan, the middle layer is a custard, and the top layer is a sponge cake. In one recipe, there is one batter and one baking period, but you end up with 3 layers of different textures. Now, that's truly magical, isn't it?!?


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