Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Aux Dragons d'Or in Forbach, France

The second of June is always a special date for me as it is my mother's birthday. She was always big on birthdays. Always having huge birthday parties and inviting the whole neighbourhood. To some a birthday is just like any other day, but not to me. I guess my mother passed onto me her enthusiasm. It's been 13 years since she passed away and although we don't celebrate it anymore, it is always in the back of my mind.

MR wasn't working today and neither was I. Surprisingly, he had the day all planned out so I wouldn't be bummed out. That was really sweet of him I thought. By now, you probably know that my husband, MR, and I have a silent agreement to try as many Asian restaurants in the region. So naturally, today's plan included eating lunch at an Asian restaurant and afternoon shopping in Saarbrucken, Germany.

One of MR's work colleague is Vietnamese and his father owns an Asian restaurant in Forbach, France. MR promised him that we would tried it out someday. Seeing that Forbach is less than 10 kilometers from Saarbrucken, today was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Aux Dragons d'Or in Forbach, France has been around for more than 20+ years. During the weekday, the place is calm but come the weekend, regular clients fill up the restaurant making it difficult to dine in without a reservation. Aux Dragons d'Or is co-owned and managed by 2 brothers. MR's work colleague's father is responsible of the dining room - welcoming diners and taking good care of them, while his brother cooks the delicious dishes in the kitchen. Both men are indispensable. The service equals the good food and regular clients love that!

MR and I had the lunch specials (13.20 Euros each). Our meal started with Vietnamese Nems or Fried Spring Roll. These were served with lettuce, mint leaves, and nuoc mam sauce.

Aside from the lunch specials, we also ordered a plate of Assorted Starters (8.50 Euros). We feasted on Nem, Siomai, Hakao, Steamed Dumpling, and a Fried Shrimp Beignet. These were served with a Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Next, it was time for our main dish which was accompanied by Cantonese Fried Rice.

We chose to share a dish of Beef Chopsuey. Thinking it would be like the kind of Chopsuey I am used to in the Philippines, I was slightly disappointed. Nevertheless, it was delicious and the beef strips were very tender.

The second main dish we chose was Pekinese Shrimp. The shrimps were served in a spicy Pekinese red sauce and it was delicious too. It was hard to choose which main dish I preferred.

The lunch specials also included dessert. I had 2 scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream ....

... while MR had Banana Beignet.

Lunch at Aux Dragons d'Or was great. From the heart-warming welcome to the delicious food. I understand what makes the regular clients come back time after time. Although MR usually prefers buffets (so he can eat several different dishes), the obvious advantage here is that the food is home cooked, fresh, and prepared from scratch. None of that industrial crap. So even though you are paying more for the quantity (we paid 37.70 Euros for 2 lunch specials, 1 starter dish and a coke), you make up for it with the quality.

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