Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day. I didn't think I would write a post about it, but when MR and I were talking we thought it was cool to be able to look back family events in my blog. I can't help but wonder if 20 years from now, SO, who will be almost my age now (eeeekkk!), will be reading through this blog to remember her childhood memories. I hope she does.

Father's Day this year started with a bang for "the best father in the world". Well, with a temporary tattoo on his forehead to be exact. Thankfully, he noticed before leaving for work. He rubbed and rubbed it off until his forehead was as red as a tomato.

While MR worked the morning shift, SO and I busied ourselves by preparing MR's surprise.
We made a Chocolate Cake - two layers of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream frosting, and fresh strawberries. Not too bad. I have to make some minor changes though before I can post the recipe here.

Here are some of SO's creations for her father. Lucky MR!

When MR came back home from work, he opened the door to a super clean living room and his 2 excited girls. We dug in the Chocolate Cake, talking, laughing, and opening the gifts. It was good and beautiful. Just like the first beautiful blue sky of the summer season.


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