Wednesday, June 10, 2015

L'Ours Noir in Nancy, France

About 2 months ago, MR, SO, and I decided to check out La Foire Attractive in Nancy, France. It was the end of the week and we thought it would be a great way to de-stress from work and school. We did what we usually do when we go to Nancy - we left the car at the Mouzimpré parking and took the tram. To go to the venue of the fair, we rode the tram to the Point Central tram stop and walked 10 minutes to La Place Carnot.

Once we got there, we did a round of the fair and its entertainment. SO particularly loved the "One Man Show 2", which was basically a 3-floor maze with obstacles for children.

MR and I let our nose guide us through the fair until we were eventually in front of several roaster ovens. The smell of roast pork was deliciously intoxicating!

We couldn't help but think of the Cebu Lechon. And then we just knew - we were eating here for dinner tonight.

Only problem was that the waiting line at L'Ours Noir was crazy long! We're not fans of waiting in line, especially with SO with us, but we couldn't resist this time.

While waiting in line, we couldn't help but look at the diners. Only happy and smiling diners. Definitely a good sign.

And then, after 30 minutes, it was finally our turn to eat. *insert grumbling stomach sounds*
I crossed my fingers and hoped that the food would make up for the waiting period.

The menu was extensive and interesting but there was only one thing we wanted to eat tonight -Porcelet Roti au feu de bois (17.50 Euros).

I'm not sure if it's the fact that we've had Cebu Lechon (what many consider the best roasted pork in the world) so many times before, but we felt underwhelmed by the roasted pork of L'Ours Noir. The meat was bland and lacked of oomph. MR's pork had to be sent back to the grills a second time as there was still a lot of blood.

Conclusion: If only smell was enough, we would have been satisfied. But, unfortunately the pork was bland and very high-priced for its quality.


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