Monday, June 1, 2015

Tete de Veau at La Diligence in Metz, France

Tete de Veau or Calf's Head always divides people. It's simple - you either love or hate it. For MR and I, once we got past the thought that it was an actual calf's head, we decided we loved it. Granted that the first time we had Tete de Veau was at my brother-in-law's mother's house. She is a terrific cook and luckily for me shared her traditional recipe (click here for the post). Like for a lot of French offal dishes, there is a special preparation and you basically have to trust the cook. Tete de Veau is usually eaten during winter and spring. I haven't had the time to make some this season, which is why I decided to stop by the restaurant, La Diligence in Metz, France today. La Diligence is a French traditional restaurant that I love in Metz (click here for the post) and it's my not-so-secret / secret spot. I've been passing by it for the past couple of weeks and every time I did I saw their outdoor sign which said they were cooking Tete de Veau that day. I told myself I should try it. I figured if it's frequently being prepared it must be one of their specialties.

In my opinion what really makes a good Tete de Veau stand out is a really good accompanying sauce. I was served two sauces: a Mustard Vinaigrette and a Sauce Gribiche.

The Sauce Gribiche was so good that I had a bit with everything on my plate. The calf's head, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and salad. When my plate was clear, I finished it off with some French bread.

I love the restaurant, La Diligence, but it's always filled with middle-aged men. It's never really been an issue, but today, for the first time I did feel awkward. From the moment, I entered the restaurant, all eyes were on me. And that remained the same during the meal up to the moment I stood up to pay my bill. Even though I love the food here and the homey feeling, unfortunately I'm not sure I'll be coming back here anytime soon. *sniff*

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