Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fresse-sur-Moselle in the Vosges, France

There's something about the Vosges that I absolutely love. On the way there, I can tell exactly where the border of the department Meurthe-et-Moselle ends and the Vosges begins. Everything becomes greener, fresher, and cooler. I'm a sucker for the beach, but the typical landscape of the Vosges, with its beautiful mountains and hills, somehow make my heart beat a little faster with excitement and happiness. As I was driving last Saturday, MR mentioned that I had a huge smile all over my face. I looked at the mirror and he was right - I really did.

Anyways, last Saturday we drove our daughter to colonie de vacances / summer camp. This is her second time in a row and again, she was super excited. It was also my second time to bring her and truthfully, the distance and separation is easier this time around. When I see how happy my 6 year old kid is, my feelings are not a priority anymore. And when I see how beautiful the environment and surroundings are, I totally understand her excitement. She wakes up in the morning, opens her window, and has a crazy jaw-dropping view. I wouldn't mind staying a weekend here myself.

So last year, I already posted an article about this place (click here for the post), but believe me, one post is just not enough. Here are some photos I enjoyed taking last Saturday.

Chapelle des Vés - Altitude 769 meters


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