Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mangoo Supermarket in Luxembourg

It's true when they say that one does not know what one has until the day they don't have it anymore. I faced the harsh truth when I got to France. At first, I thought I would do fine. I told myself -I'm half-French and I love French food, so I should do just fine. Wrong! Point is when you live your whole life eating certain flavors, one point or another, even after a break, you will start looking for those flavors again. It's that fresh mango for breakfast, or roasted pork (Lechon) for lunch, that sweetness in the Spaghetti sauce , or even that final touch of calamansi on Pancit Canton. All of this I miss so much and more.

The past days in our region has been horrible. C'est la canicule! This heatwave has been difficult with temperatures reaching 39-40 degrees Celsius. And apparently this isn't stopping anytime soon. Phewww. A woman in the store approached me and said, "that's the problem with our region - it's all or nothing".

Anyways, weeks ago MR and I made plans to go to Luxembourg this weekend. I wasn't so sure anymore with this weather, but we are going to be very busy in the coming weeks. Next Saturday, our little girl is off to summer camp, the Saturday after we are going to pick her up, and then we'll leave for our summer vacation.

So we went ahead with our plans yesterday. After working in the morning, SO and I had our hair cut (short angled bobs), then we were off to Luxembourg-Ville. I'm not going to deny it, it wasn't our greatest idea. We were hot and we drank a lot of water. We stopped by the Filipino restaurant bar, Mabuhay Garden Cafe, (click here for the post) and found out that we could only eat in at lunch. So instead we each had a coke. We didn't stay long though, because unfortunately, we didn't feel all that welcomed by the establishment. I think it's a shame as let's face it, they make a living from customers.

Our highlight of the trip was definitely shopping for Filipino products. I've been to Asia Market (click here for the post) in Luxembourg and Cora Fred Sari-Sari Store (click here for the post) in Paris. Since the last visit was about a year ago, I was unfortunately running short until today.

Shopping List: 
1. Maggi Garlic Seasoning - 1.99 Euros
2. Maggi Calamansi Seasoning - 1.99 Euros
3. Maggi Hot Chili Seasoning - 1.99 Euros
4. Dried Green Mangoes - 2.69 Euros
5. Mama Sita's Menudo / Afritada Mix - 0.99 Euros
6. Mama Sita's Barbecue Marinade - 2.89 Euros
7. Roller Coaster Potato Rings - 0.99 Euros
8. Piattos Cheese - 0.99 Euros
9. Oishi Caramel Popcorn - 1.29 Euros
10. Datu Puti Vinegar - 1.69 Euros
11. Datu Puti Soy Sauce - 1.99 Euros
12. Nescafe Coffee 3-in-1 - 6.99 Euros
13. White Rabbit Creamy Candy -1.39 Euros
14. Pork Chicharon - 1.25 Euros
15. UFC Banana Ketchup - 0.89 Euros
16. Philippine Calamansi Drink - 0.99 Euros
17. Tang Orange Powdered Drink - 3.59 Euros
18. Payless Pancit Shanghai Instant Noodle - 0.59 Euros
19. Philippine Mango in Syrup - 5.99 Euros
20. Mama Sita's Barbecue Marinade Mix - 0.99 Euros
21. Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce - 3.99 Euros

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